automation bots

  1. M

    Point me in right direction

  2. Waynetimi


    Good day everyone. Please I'm figuring a way to use somiibo. If you have any guide or tutorial. Kindly help. Thanks
  3. Florin84

    Are there any service that you pay to sent mass DMs on social media?

    I think I see on this forum a service on social media ( like a panel) where you pay for your message to be sent in mass at the target audience from different social media accounts? Do you have any recommandation? thank you
  4. ImNotYourz

    Mobile Automation Tools

    Anyone know any good tools for automation on an android? Any task would be great, Im just looking for things I can do on my android..
  5. R

    need automation bot created for IMVU, will pay 20$ or more, will discuss

    hello i need a bot created for this website called IMVU. I need it to follow new followers of a specific account and not follow over 4000 accounts a day and then unfollow the 4000 the next day. This account that i want to monitor grows very rapidly (5-6+ followers a minute). Pm me for more...
  6. I

    Twitter accounts verify / password reset tool

    Hello! I'm a newbie. I would like to ask if there is any tool/bot which allow for automation of twitter single-use code or phone verification code around. A tool which allow automated process to reset twitter password would be nice too. I'm asking for it as i'm sick to manually verify lot of...
  7. Twins2222

    Automation Anywhere Software + Your Method = $$$$$$$

    You read it right I have the Automation Anywhere Software. It’s f-ing amazing if you were ever wondering! I run my own campaigns and now that I’ve built out the methods I use to make my money, I have free time so why not make more money!! I’m going to accept 3 joint ventures, one at a time. Hit...
  8. K

    Instagram bot

    Looking to hire someone to build an instagram bot. Similar to smm panel services. Nothing that requires my account to like/follow unfollow please. Any insight would be so meaningful. Thanks
  9. QontentMedia

    All my investment in automation but switching to manual.Where to go from here?

    Hello everyone! I have a big dilemma on whether or not to continue with my Ig automation client management or switch entirely to manual and whitehat techniques. I thought of making a thread about this since I see many others struggle to find an answer on whether they should keep going with...
  10. Und3fined

    What works, and what doesn't for Online Money Making

    This is a Request thread, so if you're not about helping a brotha out press backspace. I'll eventually get to my point though; I'm a Jobless 22 years old college dropout with a mom dying of terminal stage illness. I've been tip toeing around online money making since 2011.. Only was able to...
  11. advex media

    My scalable browser automation & antidetection platform, Your idea/process

    Hello, I am an automation programmer, sysadmin, cloud/security veteran. I have made I setup that allows me to run a couple dozen thousand browsers (can be scaled to your needs) that look to websites as humans (I usually run accounts on this with various complex UI actions), anyways I've made...
  12. DylanGleebold

    Current State of Instagram Automation

    I'm wondering if it's still doable. I was using Jarvee back in January and stopped as I wanted to grow naturally, and I was doing so, but for some reason all my posts on all my accounts started getting garbage reach overnight. Does Instagram pick up on automation tools? How many followers per...
  13. L

    [HELP] how to know my own mobile proxy pass

    hi I want to set my own mobile proxy to the jarvee but I don’t know what it is my proxy username and pass. Does anyone know how to know about these ? Looking forward to get any help !
  14. W

    For $15-$25 per month, What type of Proxy should I get? For Mass IG Comments

    I completed a custom automation script, running through Chrome browser. It makes comments & likes some photos. I will use it on my 100 Instagram accounts (which I will expand to 200 accounts soon) My goal is for the script to do 3000 comments rotating amongst all 100 accounts. For $15-$25 per...
  15. fmbaba01

    AI, Automation in Cryptocurrency!

    I have a strong feeling some people (programmers) are using AI to automate in cryptocurrency and maxing out big time. I know its pretty hard to share, but sometimes i wish someone can just PM and share. Im sure im speaking someone else mind too.
  16. maxillions

    [Instagram - Automating the creation of accounts.]

    Hi everyone, I have created an Instagram robot in Python a few weeks ago which automates likes and comments etc. This was made without using the Instagram API but instead sorting through JSON when making requests to Instagram links ending with "?__a=1" (returns JSON). Now I am trying to make a...
  17. G

    When should you increase your FollowLiker numbers?

    For new accounts, what are your recommended numbers for Comments & Likes, and when do you go about increasing those numbers? Also, what would be the safest numbers for Comments & Likes on an older account? (2yrs old)
  18. stuna

    Now I Make $Xxxx Per Month Selling Bots..... This Is My Story..

    I thought I would write my story on how I got started with selling bots and where I am today.. I hope this would inspire beginners selling bots, or others who are considering giving up like I have initially before.. This should not be a long journey but I will try and make it as short and...
  19. stuna

    Full Resell Rights To ALL Our IM Bots.. Your Brand & Logo.. Make Money Today.

    Full Resell Rights.. Your Brand.. Make Money Today. Want to Start Making Money By Selling Software? Make Money With Your Rebranded Bots.. Rebrand Our Internet Marketing Bots and Sell Them as Your Own and Keep 100% Profit! You will have 100% Resell Rights.. Instantly start your own software...