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  1. thepokergod01

    DEV NEEDED: to build dating app automation bot

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am looking for a dev to build me a dating app bot. The developer im currently working with can't seem to get around instant shadow bans when having account creation automated. Functions; - Mass account creation (without shadowban) - Set name, age...
  2. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  3. A

    Hey there

    Greetings everyone! Here I'm in a pure digital flesh, name's Niko :) Working in affiliate marketing for the last 6 years, I came here to try to find someone who could help to develop an automatization tool for Facebook, therefore I can't say it loud as I'm a newbie, so here we are, me writing...
  4. jaroule


    hello guys i wonder to know if there is a solution to mass creating social media account such as fb,ig,twt, with a tool or a software or some sort of automation. i'm also looking for a tool to auto-register account on android for registering account like TELEGRAM. if someone could help it...
  5. luuu

    Want to hire Tinder bot creator / manager.

    I'm looking to hire someone who can build, deploy and manage tinder botting for numerous tinder accounts that will be located and seen by other Tinder users in major US/EU city locations. I would be willing to pay an ongoing retainer fee for someone with the skills and ability to scale and...
  6. S

    Looking for Social Media Bot

    Looking to have a social media Facebook / Instagram bot created that can manage 1,000+ facebook / instagram accounts at once. - Auto Follows / likes - Message friends / followers - Backend where all messages viewed and responded to from one place
  7. MailShower


    TOS: We offer 3 days of free trial / 3 days no-questions-asked refund guarantee. After 3 days, no refunds are available. Telegram: @PenguAd Skype: live:.cid.b7d1f0b5dab3cb05
  8. ishtiakahmed347

    Looking For a Developer For Movies Streaming Website Movies Upload Automation Script

    Hello There I am Looking For a Developer Who can create me a Custom Script or bot For Scape Movies Download Link And remote upload To Streamtape Streamlare Fembed etc And also Automatically After Download Embed Link Will be placed to a specific Perameter for More details Dm me with Ur...
  9. L

    Automation Bots

    Looking for a website to a reliable, efficient, and well-priced automation tool for growing tik tok accounts. Very new to this site so can't post in jobs or anything like that. Can someone send me a list of websites they've used that have brought proven results? Would love to hear success...
  10. bagrov

    Discord bot to verify new users on server

    I am creating a new Discord server and I need to approve only some specific users on the server. This is what it should look like: The bot sends new users a message that to get verified they should add some specific word to their Instagram bio. A person then adds that word to their bio and...
  11. TheBarbarian93

    Jarvee Telegram Group to connect about Jarvee??

    hey if anyone is interested in a telegram group for jarvee users send me a message and i'll add you! I think together we are stronger and can support each other! it's about instagram, twitter and other social media growth. Many greetings ! :)
  12. T

    Web Automation - RPA

    Hi there I want to scrape emails and names from the web from a page that looks like this: I tried UI.Vision and UiPath but I'm struggling with making it work. Any idea where can I get this information? on this specific action? thanks s.
  13. X

    BAS Proxy processing error

    Hi! I've been trying to add a list of proxies to use in script but nothing seems to work - every time I've added a list of proxies (via text file) I get the message "browser has no data to render: There could be several reasons" and can't access any websites after this step. Any advice on...
  14. wooderson197

    Best auto follow/unfollow bot for Instagram

    Hey guys, I used to use Instamber about a year ago as it was fairly simple and affordable to use and would run directly on my android phone. And I would just use my home wifi (no proxy) it would work fine. I would follow a few hundred accounts per day at medium speed. However, I don't think...
  15. we1

    Automation Bots | weMailCreator | weTube | weBrowser | weLive | weTikDownloader | weSeo | and more!

    Payment Methods : PayPal, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Cyrpto, Stripe, Wise, Payooner Whatsapp : Skype & Mail : [email protected] Telegram : we1town Web Site : You can review our other products on our website. We offer hundreds of products! Return...
  16. Pesooj

    Paying for Reddit upvote bot development

    We need a Reddit upvoting bot built with Python or JS, that is able to send successfully minimum 12 upvotes per minute, avoiding Reddit detection for vote manipulation. We are ready to supply the bot with high speed residential proxies, Reddit accounts and if needed captcha solving API. To avoid...
  17. xxx69

    Telegram bot to automatically forward messages from other channels/groups

    Hello Guys, I am looking for a bot that can forward messages from other channels/groups to mine. I know there are many paid bots out there. Is there any free service like this?? If anyone have used please share... Also, If you have used any paid service then please share your experience also...
  18. S

    I need an expert on to create a system like kamleleo and multilogin?

    You should know about all of these 1. Fingerprint and settings 1. Customize the user data directory of the browser 2. Set up a proxy: HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 3. Custom browser UserAgent 4. Set the browser language 5. Set JS to get the system time zone 6. Navigator information 7. Geographic...
  19. X0t0

    [WTH/B] Bot to Upload Images to Blogger

    Hello, i need someone build or sell me a bot or automation bot upload images to Blogger to do the following : the bot should work like this : 1- go to blogger connect to account via proxy 2- Create a random Blog in blogger( blog information not important ) . 3- set blog to private to author...
  20. MasonF

    ⚡[ Automation Solutions ] Custom Made Bots For ✅Browsers ✅ Mobile ✅ Desktop Apps⚡

    Contact us: Email: [email protected] Skype: | [email protected] Discord: MasonF#7044 Telegram: Refund Policy: The buyer is eligible for a refund only if I fail to deliver the script within the TAT.