automation bot

  1. Designerstech

    Web Scraping Automation

    I am looking for someone who is able to build me an automation tool that scrapes Facebook groups with the keywords that I choose and then direct messages the leads that correspond with the keywords that I have chosen. I would then like to be able to link chatgpt to the direct messages to respond...
  2. D

    crypto twitter bot

    I created a Python bot designed to automate the posting of TradingView trading ideas directly to Twitter. This bot is perfect for traders who want to share their analysis and insights quickly and efficiently with their followers without the need for manual intervention. Main features: Analysis...
  3. V

    Planning on making my own tiktok SaaS bot solution based on iOS/iPhone appreverse engineering For automation purpose rebuilding all requests

    Considering the required speed, safety (closed source, not to be decompiled), stability, platform independence and scalability I would use C++. There are also many C/C++ libraries available for regular tasks like HTTP requests, cookies, The method i want use Is : direct HTTPS calls of the...
  4. ekuin0x

    Planning on making my own twitter bot.

    I am currently working on a twitter bot using Selenium/Python and things are going great so far, The only question I have is : Do people automate the process of new accounts registration too or just do that manually? If the limit rate for tweeting is 2400 a day and I need a million tweet that...
  5. manimanitas

    Looking for team partners for generating OF traffic

    Hi, let me introduce myself. Im a 22 y old self thaught internet hustler. Related to sexwork I have been managing my exs accounts couple years ago and a friends dominatrix twitter account not that long ago. I have experience especially in content generation and how to treat and where to look...
  6. Bird.

    First Post! Questions about making money from tik tok..

    Hello BHW, I am a college student new to this website and I am very excited to see some of the advice / opportunities this community has. I want to create my first business soon, but before I get to that I want to learn how to create view farms on Tik Tok to start earning some dough for doing...
  7. techbeastzz

    Automation Process part 2

    So i posted this thread a few days ago: But I don't got any good response i tried the ai tools but they not work so let's me say again I have 100 emails with names in gsheets and it will copy and paste to another website in send...
  8. D

    looking for browser automation with puppeteer or selenium

    Looking for someone who is an expert in browser automations with puppeteer and selenium. The automated browsing bot will be integrated with Multilogin and would need to act similar to how AYCD's One Click software does with automated web searches, website reading, youtube video watches. All to...
  9. Pleksa

    Tiktok bots?

    Question about those sites that make automated videos of podcasts and that kinda stuff, basically what is the one you reccomend and is there a bot that can run off your PC? I recently downloaded a bot that made reddit story videos on demand, so I know that is possible to a certain extent. Any...
  10. jeongsubin

    1SIM = 5Phone = 25account

    I'm trying to connect 5 Android phones using a single SIM card router. There are 5 accounts logged into each Android phone. Is there a high chance of my account being blocked? 1 SIM card router = 5 Android phones = 25 Instagram accounts The final goal is 30 SIM card routers = 150 Android...
  11. C

    Automatically Report/Ban Facebook Pages?

    I've encountered an intriguing challenge with a client who has a substantial following and a verified account on both Facebook and Instagram. They are being targeted by individuals creating numerous fake pages daily, impersonating their brand. In order to protect their reputation and prevent...
  12. mainceaft

    Is there post scheduler/multi account manger

    Hi, I had multiple account pages on face book, I want to manage them all to schedule posts in certain time on the day. (to not get banned or get limited reach)
  13. thepokergod01

    DEV NEEDED: to build dating app automation bot

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am looking for a dev to build me a dating app bot. The developer im currently working with can't seem to get around instant shadow bans when having account creation automated. Functions; - Mass account creation (without shadowban) - Set name, age...
  14. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  15. A

    Hey there

    Greetings everyone! Here I'm in a pure digital flesh, name's Niko :) Working in affiliate marketing for the last 6 years, I came here to try to find someone who could help to develop an automatization tool for Facebook, therefore I can't say it loud as I'm a newbie, so here we are, me writing...
  16. jaroule


    hello guys i wonder to know if there is a solution to mass creating social media account such as fb,ig,twt, with a tool or a software or some sort of automation. i'm also looking for a tool to auto-register account on android for registering account like TELEGRAM. if someone could help it...
  17. luuu

    Want to hire Tinder bot creator / manager.

    I'm looking to hire someone who can build, deploy and manage tinder botting for numerous tinder accounts that will be located and seen by other Tinder users in major US/EU city locations. I would be willing to pay an ongoing retainer fee for someone with the skills and ability to scale and...
  18. S

    Looking for Social Media Bot

    Looking to have a social media Facebook / Instagram bot created that can manage 1,000+ facebook / instagram accounts at once. - Auto Follows / likes - Message friends / followers - Backend where all messages viewed and responded to from one place
  19. MailShower


    TOS: We offer 3 days of free trial / 3 days no-questions-asked refund guarantee. After 3 days, no refunds are available. Telegram: @PenguAd Skype: live:.cid.b7d1f0b5dab3cb05
  20. ishtiakahmed347

    Looking For a Developer For Movies Streaming Website Movies Upload Automation Script

    Hello There I am Looking For a Developer Who can create me a Custom Script or bot For Scape Movies Download Link And remote upload To Streamtape Streamlare Fembed etc And also Automatically After Download Embed Link Will be placed to a specific Perameter for More details Dm me with Ur...
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