1. MadsDK

    Automatic Subtitles | How do they do it?

    Hi What program/website do people use to create these subtitles for TikTok? Or are they manually creating these? I'm seeing multiple accounts using the same format, and they look pretty much the same. I look forward to your...
  2. B

    Looking for an automated Instagram Bot

    A bot I was using just got discontinued. I'd need a bot that works for instagram. I can pay 200 EURO per month (per account) if you can build a working bot that doesn't get my account banned. What I need from the bot: I choose the target accounts. Let's say Lana rhoades and it goes to her male...
  3. X

    Automatic plugin wordpress

    Hello I'm looking to multi WordPress website about tutorial and software i need some plugins to generate post about software or tutorial free or Ebook
  4. Degen

    VideoPro + wp automatic issues need some fixing!

    I am currently creating a VideoPro themed WP site with WP automatic ( they supposedly support each other) I have some issues that needs to be fixed , may have overlooked a few options. You need to fix 3 things in total 1. video placement 2. video player (default is being used) 3. hide/show...
  5. B

    Bot for downloading Instagram feed/stories automatically?

    Hello. Probably this is answered in the forum. If so, please put the link. I want that any publication or storie of an account I follow on Instagram to be downloaded automatically after the publication. With no need for me to be present. Is this possible? Thanks!
  6. DuckingOutstanding

    This is whyAi Will Never Replace Human Writers

    Just thought this was hilarious, had to share OMG What is This gibberish? "a excellent fortify between ebon sundown and fortunate derby SEO techniques, and that’s what is familiarly understood as grey sugar loaf SEO.While darling hot abides fully to Google’s webmaster rule of thumb, assay to...
  7. A

    Instagram Api Automatisation

    Hello i m looking for a developpeur who can create for me a private bot instagram automatisation , and i need to manage 100 acount please send message for me to talk
  8. eaglehunter

    Auto liking instagram links

    I have been using followliker for quite some time, but it becomes super time consuming to switch to my VPS everytime I want to like a list of photos. Anyone knows of any script/ chrome extensions that could just like a list of pictures that I input the URLS to? thanks
  9. EasySunshine

    Automation / Botting Forum

    Hey there BHW brothers & sisters, I briefly spoke with @Diamond Damien who directed me here. In this day & age, Automation, AI & Botting is a huge part of the internet experience. I truly believe a Dedicated Automation/AI/Botting Forum would create a lot of useful discussions and content from...
  10. Alex0808

    Automatic click bot [Android]

    Is there any such app which can repeat my action in android. Like i wanna send shitload of anynomous messages to my friends. Lol (They are sending me but i don't know exactly who is sending)
  11. SirJackneeOff

    Alli AI

    Has anyone used Alli AI? I would love to hear your thoughts as it is on AppSumo right now for a good price. I know it is not a true AI but I am looking for something that is automatic with finding potential backline. If you know of something better thru someone on BHW please let me know. I am...
  12. D

    Giveaway Landing Page | Requirements-Based

    Today's topic is giveaway websites (these like where the user needs to fulfill certain challenges / requirements in order to get points hence increasing his winning odds). Does anyone know a provider who enables you to custom select who won? Looked through the most-known and none of...
  13. XdSon

    I have create a RandomViewStoryBot but...

    Hello guys, i have create a Instagram Bot who see more than 100.000 random story per day in Instagram I have upload it on github and i want to share this bot with our members on this group, But how to use VirusTotal for github? Thanks.
  14. JakLei

    Where to find reliable mass account creation program

    I've heard of iGramTool & PVA Creator, but there isn't much reviews or feedback on how well these deliver on results. Anyone has personal experience with these, or have recommendations for any other programs/services?
  15. V

    Link clicking

    Not really sure how to word this in the correct terminology.. But I'm basically looking for something that's automated that can click on a link. Let's say 50 clicks per minute? Part 2: What if the link needed to be clicked from different ips.. How would go about it then?
  16. R

    Search for automated service likes, followers, etc

    I am looking for an automated service where I can buy likes, followers, etc. and can make copies to my woocommerce webshop on so i can sell them to my clients. I now have one company for this but unfortunately they are too expensive. So who can help me with this...
  17. LinkBuildingServices

    8-in-1 SEO Tool – Select & Buy the Best and Most Relevant Backlinks Automatically

    Need to select relevant backlinks for your link building campaign fast, but don’t want to spend hours searching for relevant offers? Try the tool that creates, schedules and manages your entire link building campaign - SEO Expert Tool How You Can Benefit from SEO Expert Tool The tool will...
  18. Gabriel Damian

    Follow-Liker & OpenVpn | Help

    Hello guys. I have bought a Follow-Liker license and want start running 20 Twitter accounts on a specific niche, but don`t know exactly how to add corectly my vpns to this. (Have OpenVPN) Tried something like 127.0.01:username: password but don`t work. Support don`t respond, so please help me...
  19. crackingp

    Crackingp from Australia

    Hey guys! :) I'd a newbie at everything and I will like to learn as much as I can with BHW's help and I hope i can in return provide help with my little knowledge. :D Interests are crypto, automating stuff and gaming. I hope I'm not the only one with these interest T_T
  20. gtothem

    GSupremacy - Ultimate Instagram Bot - 3 Day Free Trial

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