automated link building

  1. rht99999

    Does Automated Backlink Tool Still Work ?

    I am not doing any kind of automated link building for last 3-4 Years but before it, I bought some of industry recognized Automated Link building tools including GSA, GSA Captcha Breaker, Kontent Machine 3.0, RankerX, ScrapeBox. Does it make any sense to use them now ?
  2. S

    Looking for RankerX Master | PM me!

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me configure RankerX ! PM me pls Thanks
  3. N

    Need beta testers for my php automatic blog commenter script

    Hi Guys, I have started developing a php script to post comments on wordpress based blogs automatically. It is nowhere near completion and need feedback from experienced guys here to improve.
  4. P

    Do it....

    Hey guys.. I code bots for in my free time... Am free this weekend and the next too.. Tell me some small bot u guys want. Will code and release it for free.. :cool: Please don't pm me and ask to code bots for private use.. I want to code bots which can be used by everyone (atleast majority...
  5. entreprenuer

    [HOWIES PRIVATE LAB] -$997- complete automation!

    check out this I just got an email from howie and supposedly 'howies.private.lab" is full of automated tools to rock the search engines. What he has to offer must be really good. Does anyone have the inside info of his automation tools? can you share the info...
  6. S

    Automated Link Building with Unique Content Each Time

    I have come up with a method to generate about 5000+ unique descriptions with ease. Discussion on the Article Version of this is going on in this forum. Now, I want to use these 5000+ unique descriptions for link building. I need links in any sort of site that will give instant links and also...
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