1. B

    Youtube channel with legit 65K followers. Trying to convert into an automated channel? or Any other Suggestions?

    I have a youtube channel that I created back in 2010 which only had NBA Highlights which I couldnt monetize due to NBA rights. I decided to delete all the videos and am trying to decide what to turn the channel into where I monetize. Any suggestions?
  2. techbeastzz

    Automation Process part 2

    So i posted this thread a few days ago: But I don't got any good response i tried the ai tools but they not work so let's me say again I have 100 emails with names in gsheets and it will copy and paste to another website in send...
  3. QWE333

    ❤️ Stop Guessing | Start Building Your Own Online Passive Income Empire ✅ [HQ 5 Stars Course ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

    Q: WhatsApp isn’t available in my country. Can I use this method? A: Of course you can! Growing WhatsApp groups with the guide + the BOT is just one way to build an online passive income. You can use this traffic also for more targets like: Your Dropshipping products, grow your social media...
  4. A

    Automation Twitter, Reddit and others

    Hello, I am looking for a tool to automate twitter, reddit and also other social media platforms. Basically I need a tool, where I can schedule a lot of posts for different accounts. For example: 5 Reddit accounts should post 20x times per day each in different subreddits. 3 Twitter accounts...
  5. gulpx

    Earnings up to 50k a month. Bulk automation / reverse engineer needed

    Hi, I am looking for a reverse engineer with scripting and proxy experience proxies being the most difficult part due to the endless amount of tasks required a good example of this project would be bulk creating social media accounts and other platforms This Is a long term project so we would...
  6. nerdblogger

    Why does this keep happening to me?

    I create automated websites with massive amount of pages, initially I get good amount of visitors but over the period of time the visitors start to drop drastically. In easy words, my site's does not last more than 7 days. However, the number of indexed pages are same, Webmaster is clean there...
  7. daftie14

    How to farm GitHub followers on autopilot

    So you want to have more people following your open source work, or maybe bring attention to some interesting and cool projects you have highlighted on your profile. Perhaps, you want to show off more authority, or you just want to see that followers count grow bigger for the heck of it. Well...
  8. M

    [Journey] Scaling POD automation

    I'm currently trying to hit 50k designs across the top 4 POD sites (RedBubble, Zazzle, Teepublic, Society6). My current uploaded design amount across all of the platforms is 2k designs each. Generation Process I have developed modular software to generate POD merch. There is currently 4...
  9. shog

    Script to link RankerX and GSA

    I'm looking for someone who might have already integrated RankerX with GSA somehow or has a script that could help save time. If not already done, I'll write it. I like to build T2 links with RankerX and then import them into to GSA and build my tier 3 in bulk back to the T2 RankerX urls. I...
  10. kptpiotr

    [JV] Let's automate it! MY programming&bot creation skills - YOUR idea&marketing

    Hi! I am a Python programmer with 5 years of experience. I am into automating stuff, creating bots, data analysis. I also try to play cryptocurrencies. Have made many scripts for analyzing stock data, Telegram chats, and auto-trading cryptocurrencies. Now I want to start a web business - we can...
  11. ramagu

    Automate Amazon shopping

    I would like to know if there is any way to automate the purchase of products with my account on Amazon. I have the reference of products that I want but there is no existence, I want that when there are them automatically add them to my cart. It's possible? I've been searching but can't find...
  12. fmbaba01

    I have $1k to invest. Any AUTOMATION Idea that Works?

    As the subject implies, I am looking for AUTOMATED ways to make money online. I do have like $1k to invest in it for a start. I will appreciate if anyone here can help. It can either be white, grey and or black-hat. I will appreciate you let me know what to get from investing that said amount...
  13. Jack C


    Hey BHW! I am an upcoming python developer looking for a challenge. Are you tired of a repetitive task you do daily? Worry no more. I will create a python script or windows .exe file for ten requested jobs. Such jobs include but not limited to watermarking files, encrypting a PDF file, web...
  14. F

    Automate Account Creation

    Hi, I wanna automate account creation for some survey websites, I searched for these sites but I couldn't find any APIs for that. I want to create a form on my site and then get that info I collected form users to create the accounts with. Is this can be done? Thanks.
  15. W

    Looking for SIMPLE Tinder bot

    Hey buhds, I’m looking for a Tinder bot that will swipe right on accounts and avoid accounts with certain words in their bios. The bot has to behave like a human otherwise there will be too many robot matches. *note: the bot does not need to have multiple accounts, proxys, or auto messaging...

    Have almost 5000 short porn videos. How to monetize them?

    Good day to you lads. I've made several simple scrappers, that can get in a few hours almost all available videos on different subreddits. Now I want to monetize them. So, what do I want to do? First of all I know for sure, that best way to get traffic today - twtter. Maybe tictoc, but I don't...
  17. Aulig

    ➡️Automatically Repost from Reddit to Instagram ✅Organic Growth ✅ Working in 2020 ✅ FREE IG GUIDE⬅️

    Demo Video Reviews Not quite convinced yet? Check out these awesome reviews from independent Jr. VIP beta-testers (original thread): Contact Do you want to buy ViralRepost or ask me any questions? Leave a reply in this thread or send me a PM! You can also reach me here: Discord...
  18. D

    Yubo Bot

    Hey, is it possible to automate the app Yubo? It's kind of like Tinder and Live streaming in one, I use it to grow my snap currently. But obviously pretty slowly since I'm doing it manually. So my question is, is it possible to auto swipe and message my matches with "add my snap @-----"...
  19. opscurus

    Anyone here has experience buying DMs?

    Hey guys, I found this service just today, offered on BuySellShoutouts and a few other websites, where you can buy Instagram DMs. Has anyone here tried it out? Any thoughts? I thought, instead of creating and growing accounts to send DMs, I could just buy the DMs straight away and drive people...
  20. T

    Does anyone know of scraping software to use for manual methods?

    So info you input in jarvee (I.e follows and comments on x users in niche, has minimum of 3 posts, following ratio etc) is used to scrape user profiles to follow. I was wondering if there was any similar software in which I could input this data and be provided with a list and manually...
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