automate processes

  1. S

    How can I PULL some specific headlines from a website to excel file?

    Hello guys newbie here, So what I wanna do is create a script that can automatically pull texts from a website to an excel file. For example if the website is bhw I wanna pull the first 2 sentences of the leading post in black hat SEO tools, automatically. How can I write a script that...
  2. Zomby

    Team up with an Automation Expert. Looking for someone that has the money making skills but not the programming. Long term money to be made!

    Hi, What I am looking for: Someone that has a concrete idea, but is lacking the coding skill to make it work. Even if you see an example around on the web and think like "hey this looks profitable but how does he do it?" can be sufficient for a start. I have several starts that way myself...
  3. fmbaba01

    I have $1k to invest. Any AUTOMATION Idea that Works?

    As the subject implies, I am looking for AUTOMATED ways to make money online. I do have like $1k to invest in it for a start. I will appreciate if anyone here can help. It can either be white, grey and or black-hat. I will appreciate you let me know what to get from investing that said amount...
  4. Sandie2018

    A dropshipping plugin? Or a different solution?

    Hi guys, This will be a very newbie question, I suppose, but a crucial one. I have just finished my online store, which means I have products with descriptions, prices, etc. All items in my niche will be shipped from manufacturers. How do I make it all automatic? How do I notify a specific...
  5. H

    Bot for instagram

    Is it good idea if i make a bot for Intagram using Selenium Webdriver just for follow , unfollow like,comment, and message? Under the maximum limits of IG. Any resource might me helpful for me? And any prerequisite from your side?
  6. summi

    Need Telegram Bot Script for an Instagram Engagement Group

    Hi, I am looking telegram bot script for an Instagram engagement group. Need to have function same like what other telegram group bot have e.g "Dx20 L&C |ENGAGEUP" Check this group functionality. Thanks
  7. E

    Seeking Script / Bot Creator for multiple projects

    Hey, We are a team that needs a bot and/or script guy to help us out over the course of time. We always have projects and come across clients that need projects done as well. Our current projects that we need completed are: A bot to post Craigslist ads nationwide in the US - this can be...
  8. S

    Anyone use Serpx?

    Hey Guys Has anyone tried out Serpx? Do you know if it works? Is it only for content generation or does it do link building also? Thanks
  9. Wizi

    Porn reupload - how to automate/scale?

    Hi all BHW members, I do porn reupload method for over 4 months now. It took me 3 months to earn first $1.000, but it started to grow and I made over $1.200 in November. I do everything manually. Finding and downloading videos, editing and uploading. It doesnt take much time to download and...
  10. bmanfacts

    My Followliker Expertise & Software Access + Your Instagram Method = $$$$

    I've been using followliker (Instagram Edition) since 2014 with a few of my personal accounts + joke around accounts and have drawn targeted traffic to my personal brand & sites. I have a very nuanced understanding of this software to make it laser target your audience (as best as a software...
  11. InnovativeSEO

    Domain Savings Automation - Best Prices on Domains & more. 100+ sites included.

    If this has been posted previously I apologize. The Mod is welcome to remove this if unneeded. When your needing a domain name & possibly some extras with it such as "Business Registration" "Privacy" etc. it can be a task to find the best deals/coupons/codes online. Here is a great...
  12. P

    Do it....

    Hey guys.. I code bots for in my free time... Am free this weekend and the next too.. Tell me some small bot u guys want. Will code and release it for free.. :cool: Please don't pm me and ask to code bots for private use.. I want to code bots which can be used by everyone (atleast majority...
  13. C

    Any success with forum generator ??

    so im still looking after this software bur it seems that nobody want to help me why??:( i want honnest review of this soft and where can i get it the website is down :confused:
  14. M

    Automate 6/7 BPA Server Task sharing

    Hi mates, I started out with Automate BPA Server 7 and it's a quite powerful piece of software. I think many BH marketers are already using this software for automating their business processes. So it would be great if we can exchange our Automate Tasks here. Also for beginners of...
  15. zonecrash

    Automate Processes ?

    I am very new and have a huge question. I have read 20 hours a day, and have read thread that most of them are 10 pages. Some of the post talk about "Automate Processes". So my question is would some or can others share the methods used automation? What tools are being used? I am hoping...
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