1. LaNet

    Developer needed for Facebook AutoLiker script

    I need someone who can code a script for Facebook AutoLiker which uses users access tokens. Please contact me if you are able to do this.
  2. Adamsheen

    [Curious] How To Get Likes on Insta, FB without coins and sharing works

    Hi Every One, I'm curious to know how some website out there does their business of auto like, follow, follow back etc., On their web portal directly. Anyone know how this work, Peace,
  3. G

    imacros was working great with IG for autolikes..and then..

    Hi guys I was using IG's official website and iMacros for autoliking other people's posts with great success. But over the past week I noticed the scripts would stop working suddenly. Upon investigation I found that this is because after 20-30 photos or so, the 'right' or 'left' button on IG's...
  4. M


    Hello, I need a Fb twitter insta Autoliker only trusted developer please respond to the message
  5. J


    I¨'m looking for a youtube auto commenter, and a auto liker :D
  6. F

    Unable to stop autolikes from devliker

    Im having this problem ever since i tried to get likes from devliker. I did everything possible but nothing helped so far. I removed all my apps (though the app i used was "IOS") . I cleared all cookies. Removed extensions. I changed my password. In the end i uninstalled my browser completely...
  7. chakachuk

    Facebook Autolikers

    Hi everyone. I found nice Facebook autoliker - it provides 500 likes in 10 minutes and other services. Can anyone give me autolikers like that? because when I search in google there is autolikers which gives just 50-100 likes in 15 minutes. Thanks!
  8. jmsalvador021

    Where can I get geo targeted fan page post likes

    i tried using hublaa, myliker, djliker and the likes, they seem to stopped working now. And those likes are from mixed countries. Is there a similar service which offers geo targeted likes(mainly US, UK, Canada, australia)? Monthly subscription would be better since ill be using this a lot...
  9. J

    want to make Autoliker Website

    Hello I want to setup autoliker website i have Script , hosting domain just cant understand how to setup can any one help me :)
  10. xCharged

    Instagram Autolike?[5k likes+? + Powerlikes?]

    Would like to appraise this kind of service here! Maximum of 10k likes per post! 1k likes are delivered usually within the first 30 minutes or so. And yes, all the likers are real so each liker has its own powerlike potential. How much are you willing to pay for this service?( will be charging...
  11. R

    Best sellers for aged accounts?

    Hey! I was wondering where everyone here buys their aged accounts from (6 months+), any reputable vendors from other forums are also welcome.
  12. Pratham394

    SEO for autoliker.

    I guess some of you know what a facebook autoliker is. If not, please try to help anyway. I guess SEO for autolikers does not largely differ from SEO for websites and blogs. So I made an autoliker and I haven't yet made it visible to search engines. Should I make sufficient backlinks first and...
  13. A

    Social marketing bot

    GREAT NEWS FOR SOCIAL MARKETER Im going to make few social marketing bot like YT auto like,auto views,fb auto liker,twitter bot. Only limited licenses will be provided. Interested marketer are requested to leave there messages here.. tnx
  14. A

    Social marketing bot

    GREAT NEWS FOR SOCIAL MARKETER Im going to make Few social marketing bot like YT auto liker,auto views, FB auto liker,TWITTER bot only limited licenses. Interested marketer are requested to leave there messages..
  15. AnonLeo

    GET 60+ likes on your Facebook pictures tutorial [Working 2014]

    Hey, I have found this video on YouTube. Someone has made a tutorial on how to use Likepana (The autoliker name). This is the video: The video was NOT done by me and I don't know the owner of the video. NOTE: AFTER finished using Likepana (The autoliker), I highly recommend that you remove...
  16. C

    Searching FB autoliker script

    Hi all , I am interested in fb autoliker script like likehoot and please pm me with price, thank you
  17. S

    Need Help.. Simple Facebook Likes for free!!

    Hi All, I really need some much needed help on Facebook to get likes on a post to win a contest. It's a video posted on a FB page. Till now I have been using autolikers to like the video, however now the autolikers aren't doing enough to increase the likes. I have researched a lot on Google...
  18. S

    Facebook Photos Like Script

    Can anyone guide me on how to increase Likes on a Facebook Photo. I am not much of an expert with the scripts, but have been only using Auto Likers till now, With Autoliker's I first need to get the access token and then enter the Photo ID to get the likes on a photo. but this is tedious task...
  19. DankBits

    Need a FACEBOOK AUTOLIKE Bot ($$$)

    Looking for a working Facebook Autolike Bot that will Like posts/photos and possibly shares. The bot should also have the ability to like like pages as well.