1. M

    Is there a java script autoclick ?

    Is there a java script autoclick ? I want java script auto click in site links for extraction popunder ads Because i use traffic exchange sites:( Thank you so much:)
  2. Moiz Ahmed

    Javascript code to Click on all "Add Friend" buttons on facebook

    Hello everyone, I got a javascript code which cancels all Sent Friend requests, and good thing is.. It also works on android , simply install "Inspect and edit html live" browser app fron playstore, open it, open m . Facebook . Com, open sent requests page and go to options, open "Javascript...
  3. R

    HELP: Best auto clicker & auto copy paste from excel program?

    I have a very tedious task to complete that requires 3 clicks and a copy paste from an excel sheet. There are no captchas or any other barriers that need to be automated/ got around. Just one click on a specified text field, a paste of text from my excel list, a click on a specified location...
  4. TekNoTekNo

    |Make quick profit|Invest $1 and get $1.55|Paidvert Official Guide|Automated|

    PaidVerts is the first PTC that pays up to 50$ and more per one click ! 1. What is different to other PTC services? Paidverts uses a whole new system of assigning ads to their users.They have something called BAP = Bonus Ad Points. The more you have of them, the more you are eligible to get...
  5. A

    Anyone know of this technique?

    Anyone know of a site builder that operates like (blastxuan blogspot)? Google it, cool premise anyway
  6. B

    [GET] Multiclicker V2 - Make money with PTC sites

    I came across this method for automating PTC site earning. Its pretty easy and only requires some work upfront and no investment depending on what PTC sites you join. If you already have Multiclicker V2 there are 45 plugins that come with it. enjoy Multiclicker V2 and 45 plugins
  7. hiding_whitehat

    Need a PTC Autoclicker

    anybody have a good autoclicker for PTC sites? (not multiclicker, already have it) thanks
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