autoblogging plugin

  1. T

    Set up your Ai - Autoblogs in 2min✅WP Installation Kit + VIDEO✅Your Open AI Key✅Long Form Articles✅AutoFeatured image✅Youtube✅Amazon pro...

    Business Opportunity for freelancers and business owners Apart from monetizing via blogs and amazon affiliate websites. Writers can use this setup to create their own ai article services, you deploy autoblogging for clients using this method, you can boost your existing business pages witg bulk...
  2. Sandie2018

    Thumbnails in automated blogging plugin question

    Hi guys, I am using a plugin for automated blogging. The plugin makes a thumbnail from the first image of the feed. The problem is that when I open the article, there are two the same images appearing one after the other. When I tried to remove the featured image from the post, the thumbnail is...
  3. creatorsaurabh001

    Autoblogging still works?

    Hi, Still the Autoblogging works? I was checking WordPress plugins online and I saw people still selling Autoblogging plugins and many are still purchasing. So I am very curious about this.
  4. H

    Who thinks autoblogs are finished or do you think this still work.

    I am looking to set up some autoblogs may be 200 plus. Do you think I will waste my time because of Google panda, penguine updates. I want to make this decision. Can any one help.
  5. H

    Is WP Article Post good enough!!!

    I have come across a plug-in called wp article post. It claims to automate posting from plr articles and also uniquifies the articles. It seemed somewhat like auto blog samurai. But it has an option of omitting the lines or phrases that we define. Did anyone use this plug-in?? Is it good? can...
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