autoblog noob

  1. Asharvin66

    Autoblogs still working???Is this for real?

    I bought a domain and hosting bout a week ago but only put two pages on it. Then yesterday i sawa thread here about autoblogs which was from 4 years ago,since my site was pretty much empty and wasting, i set up an autoblog on it with wp robot, although i was hoping to promote it with social...
  2. ibmethatswhoib

    AutoBlog Questions

    I have regular websites and have done pretty good with them but I want to have an autoblog just for the hell of it and try it out but I never had one, so just want to ask you autoblog experts about it. I'm thinking about getting the Amazon Plugin that posts products with all the info, review...
  3. browsing_hosts

    [Method] Autoblog Flipping For Newbs + Screenshots

    Hi all I am a total newb when it comes to writing so please forgive me and I will try and make this as basic as possible. 1. Firstly choose a niche, I like to use something that is easy to promote on bookmarking sites such as reddit because this is where we will get most of our traffic from...
  4. S

    Any Premium Course on how to make money using Autoblogging?

    After being suggested by many people I decided to purchase WP robot. But the problem is I dont know what exactly needed to be done to monetize my Blog which is having WP robot running on it.What exactly do I need to implement in order for me to start monetizing that blog on autoplilot.Do I need...
  5. N

    Multiple Subdomain Autoblog Critique

    @Moderator: Feel free to delete this thread if you find it useless or breaks the rules in any shape or form. I need some advice/comments on this site I recently made using WPMU: The sites have: Been Online ~ 1 month Daily Uniques ~ 15 visitors The marketing method I am using is...
  6. N

    Newbie need help with autoblog

    Hi to everyone, i'm noob in Autoblogging and i would like to start with it, but first i want to collect some basic informations. The idea is to build some normal blog, write 1-2 posts, do some link building (something like 4/5 inbound links coming from article submission etc) and then install...
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