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  1. El Professor

    Need Help on integrating WORDAI API to WP

    Hello, I have created one automated site and its working fine. I need help with integrating wordai API to my site. Can some one please help me on this. THanks in advance.
  2. theseoraja

    [ AutoPilot ] Is It Good For Authority Tech Site To Autoblog ?

    Hello Guys, I have Authority Tech Website, Due to some other work I am not able to Post Articles. So I am thinking to start autoblog. I have Some Questions [ If Anyone Can Give answers It will be awesome ] 1. Does Autoblog Will Make It a Spam Website ? 2. The rss Feed will Copy Same Post So...
  3. MuDiab

    Autoblogging + Unique Content

    If I maintained to generate only unique content for my Autoblogs. Will this considered also violation for Adsense?