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  1. C

    Scrapebox MASTERS listen up: How do you check your links have been auto-approved?

    Hey ladies and gents, I'm trying to compile an auto-approve blogs list using Scrapebox. I have scraped loads. Here's what I've done for those of you who are trying to make their own auto-approve blog list... I scraped for blogs using a massive keyword list. Then I ran the Blog Analyzer (to...
  2. andreyg13

    The Silver Box - Advanced Scrapebox Guide BHW LP Edition - Admin & Mod reviews

    The Silver Box - Advanced Scrapebox Guide BHW SPECIAL EDITION ONLY $49.00 for BHW Members What exactly do you get in this package? 1. Beginner notes 2. Finding auto-approve backlinks 3. Finding competitors auto-approve backlinks 4. Finding spammers auto-approve backlinks 5. Scraping all...
  3. andreyg13

    [SB] Scrape all pages from blogs, even the ones not indexed in search engines

    Here is a quick one that i thought might come in handy: 1. load a huge list of domains into your keyword list using the following syntax: ............. 2. in the custom footprint add inurl:sitemap.xml 3. hit harvest 4. the new version has a removed the...
  4. R

    Need your help urgently

    I want list of 500 auto approved blogs. PR does not matter to me. Can anyone provide me such list . I have already downloaded 101 blog list from this forum earlier. SO kindly don't re post the same link. Waiting for your replies badly.
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