auto submitter

  1. Noobski

    Auto Article Submitter Plugin

    whaddup BHW what is a good plugin for auto submitting articles to your wordpress blog?
  2. ActionJ

    Using Onlywire Free Account to post 3000 posts a month

    Onlywire is a good service to automatically post your content from your Wordpress blog. You can use it with any blog but i wanted to give those that may be wondering a good way to leverage the service to increase your social reach. Onlywire free account gives you 30 posts a month but if you...
  3. S

    auto submit torrents tools

    hello, can anyone give me software (torrents tools) to auto submit my torrents files to multiple websites ? it'll be a big help if you can tell me! i'm looking on google for two days :tumblewee .......
  4. plut0

    Search submitter bot question

    Hi, I just want to ask. anybody know tool that do auto search with the keyword question database we provided for search with the timer to request the search engine to proceed our search. thanks. I want to make it by my own hand but its better to see if there is such tool around than reinvent...
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