auto social poster

  1. S

    100 % Organic Traffic Just Best white hat SEO Tip

    BestWay To Generate Organic Traffic: Heyguyz i am a blogger and Seo beginner from GuidePedia i was lookingfor a way to generate organic traffic along with the backlinks. So igot through this site and now i have increased organic as well associal networking traffic. I guaranteed you will get 100%...
  2. akwin

    [REQ] working Auto Social Poster wordpress plugin nulled

    plz give me Auto Social Poster wordpress plugin Version available on internet has error in plugin. Please give me fixed one. salse page:' autsocialposter .com
  3. S multiaccounter poster

    Hi, there is some pluggin for wordpress that work with various accounts of, same as onlywire multiaccount poster Thanks
  4. F

    Is this how you guys do business?

    Hi: First of all let me warn you that this is a rant. So I wanted to buy the acclaimed and supposedly awesome AutoSocialPoster (or ASP) from Mass-Automation, you know, the software that lets you set your blog to autobookmark your new posts to social bookmarking sites. Quite a few users on...
  5. G

    Any working auto social poster ?

    I use Auto Social Poster plugin (made by Mass Automation Tools). But I'm able to add my links only on delicious and faves. Any other working plugins similar this ? (must be free or shared) :)
  6. G

    My links don't appear in delicious

    I use Auto Social Poster plugin (made by Mass Automation Tools). It adds my posts perfect to my account. But when I search, I get no result. How can I fix that ?
  7. R

    Any good tools for auto social bookmark submitting?

    I can write quality article. However, submitting to social bookmark sites one by one waste lots of time. Any good tools for auto social bookmark submitting? Thanks!
  8. E

    Auto Social Poster questions

    Would it be possible to use this plugin with just one Wordpress blog? I have a good idea of what I want to do, but I worry that a few months down the line that my bookmarking accounts will just lead to one website. Which would make me look like I only post to promote my blog. I guess what I...
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