auto responder

  1. Sandie2018

    Email marketing provider for adult niche?

    Hi everyone, I have a question. A friend of mine is in adult niche and is looking for an email marketing solution. He has a list of customers and would like to email them regularly but his niche is not accepted by such companies as Mailchimp, etc. Can you suggest anything? Is a private server...
  2. nanohits

    Mailsniper Pro - Premium Email Marketing Automation Software - 50% off One time Payment!

    Features: Import Unlimited Lists To Use Mailsniper Pro For All Your Business Advanced List Cleaning Tool To Keep Your List Clean And Reduce Bounce Rates Advance Subscriber Management (Suppression List, Message Wise, Bounce Wise, Export, Create Custom Fields Etc.) To Send Exclusive Emails No...
  3. cparonny

    Need An Email Auto responder bot for my Dating Traffics

    hello there, i need an email auto reponder system that would be to use my pop3 emails to receive email only and then send replies for better inbox rate . guaranteed inboxing optional : script system , keywords reply
  4. ShiningWarrior

    Mailchimp PROHIBITS Affiliate Marketing. What to use?

    Hello, I was just about to integrate MailChimp into my landing page but saw that chimp does not like affiliate marketing or any kind of lead generation stuff. I only wanted to use it coz it was free for the first 2000 subs and also no credit card input during registration. Which email...
  5. Harnur

    Any EMAIL Marketing Expert in BHW forum...?

    I want to add a 24 hours countdown time(for discount offer) in my email. And the Same timer will be placed in my sales page(of the website). since I am using auto-responder, I send this discount email on the 6th day of my email campaign. But how do i CLOSE and START this discount offer on...
  6. FrankyOne

    Open source alternative to GetResponse

    Hello, gents. I was wondering if I can find any alternative to GetResponse for starting out in email marketing. I saw that the monthly price for 5,000 contacts it's 50$ and for 10,000 is 169$ per month. Since I am starting out and I am not an expert by any mean I am trying to keep the cost as...
  7. Richmann

    Need help for setup BHAR

    Hey, I need help to setup BHAR can anyone help me to setup it? I want o run a campaign there but i can't setup this responder . I need help badly . If anyone can help me the please let me know Thanks
  8. B

    Please help me get started with self-hosted email

    Hi guys... I'm getting sick and tired of aweber and I've decided the time has come to move on to something I have more control over... I want to set up a self-hosted email service... The only problem is that I have no idea on where to start :( This is what I've understood so far: I need a...
  9. S


    which autoresponder program would you suggest? Trying to respond to ad posting inquirers with delay and have the original email's "re:" in the subject. Also, no restrictions on content or purpose, like Aweber's no personal's/dating restriction. Would like to know of one that's a program for...
  10. R

    Get paid to respond to CL posts

    I looked everywhere here and to my surprise I couldn't find anyone who offers this service or a bot to do the job. Requirement: respond to 1,000-10,000 postings/day on certain sections of CL. Outsource captcha, automatically respond using different web mail accounts, using proxies. Response...
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