auto post

  1. MadsDK

    Best Publishing Tool for Instagram?

    I'm looking for the best tool to automatically upload posts to Instagram on multiple accounts. I have used Buffer in the past and have been quite happy with them, but unfortunately now multiple accounts have become too expensive. The tool should allow you to create posts to multiple accounts at...
  2. Sagargowda15

    Facebook reel automation tools?

    Hello BHW how are you ? I'm looking for a free FB reels automator for bulk posts. I have around 20 fb acc that I need to automate to post about 15 reels daily. Any software or tool suggestions.
  3. ristoriel

    Best social media auto post plugin for wordpress

    Hello BHW members Which social media auto post plugin for wordpress is the best? Paid and Unpaid.
  4. theseoraja

    Semrush Social Media Poster *Temporarily Free*

    SEMRush Social Media Toolkit now offering Pro & Guru features for free. =AT34TtzBed4mXVE27iGdu2IuYiIDM4rP7d7oJ2iqxrTsIexOT_0FeVa5yoFyP-D32wHRlTtonUfLyga6VNLOtHwYNyDtidXz1xRuaL_YXEvAco247gOvIJFc6V8hATLmu-lDUgfB'] P.S: Testing it and I have to say it's...
  5. anup999

    New Instagram auto post & schedule feature

    I just login to Instagram and got a new notification. Instagram started auto-posting and scheduling feature for business accounts. You can post and schedule with creators studio from pc.
  6. Mike2jz

    Instagram AUTO post? (Using XHR recording?)

    Hi, just thought id make an account as this is covered almost no where. I would like to create some sort of bot which auto posts as fast as possible to instagram. I have got it down to every 3 seconds but that is just not fast enough. Does anybody know of a way to post quickly and is reliable...
  7. nappz

    ** Auto Amazon Product Comparsion Post Creator ** Feedback Needed !!

    Hi, I am creating an auto amazon review product comparison post. The minimum word length for the post would be 2500 words. An input to this is an html page where in either the URL or ASIN numbers can be added. This utilizes NLP to figure out top 5 positive and top 5 bad reviews. Added to...
  8. AngoraSpace

    Auto Post From Multiple Web 2.0 To Money Website

    Dear All If I have multiple web 2.0 and social media such Tumblr, Quora, Reddit, Blogspot, Twitter, Medium, Buffer, LinkedIn, Evernote, Weebly, WordPress, etc. And I use them all to autopost whatever I post on money website. Not full article post like on money website, but only summary post...
  9. G

    Autopilot problem with adsense

    I created a website with auto pilot poster from many source combining with content spinner bot. So the auto pilot scrape new post and the content spinner will automatically spined the article, upload the article images into my server before posting it and share it automatically also. But the...
  10. melfornazari

    Facebook Auto Post

    Hello, I need a tool that I can schedule my facebook page posts and it auto hide the post after posted too! Does anyone know of any?
  11. RandomX

    [Req] Tools or Wordpress plugin to post on Facebook Page.

    Dear Friends, I need your help. Is there any tool or plugin that can take a random post from my website and post it on my facebook page or twitter frequently and Daily. Kindly suggest Me. Thanking you in advance for your kind courtesy.
  12. R

    Facebook Auto Share

    Hello Can you please recommend any software that will share automatically posts that have a specific Hashtags on my page (other than Also is it possible to set a limit for the number of shares/day so my page wont get banned by Facebook? Is there a way to filter hashtags coming only...
  13. HenryObi

    Tool/Bot To Automatically Send Message To Facebook fans

    Hi, I want to know if there's a tool or a bot that could allow Facebook page admins to automatically send message to all of their fans, say at once or at intervals.
  14. Andrew schoon

    Facebook Auto scraper & Poster

    Hi. I am looking for a tool that will auto scrape and post to my fanpage viral content. I remember in the past that there was a tool named Viralautobots but I don't think it's updated. Any other tool that does the same thing that you can recommend me on? Something that does that automatically...
  15. PChanger

    Instagram Mass Post Scheduling?

    Hey guys, I'm currently running 8 Instagram accounts with over 11k followers each (with manual posting + Instagress automation). Just had an idea for another one that I plan on starting and making $$$ with via affiliate links, but first I need to figure out how to schedule 600 pictures to...
  16. jisyokputih

    FL Instagram post doesn't shown in hashtag

    Hi, i've been using FL for 8 months now, but for the past 4 months i got errors on posting. i use 30 hastag each time i post. but every picture that posted is hidden on the hastag page. if i upload it manualy with the same hashtag, it appears on the hashtag page. i tried to change the hashtag...
  17. spygr

    Wordpress auto post ?

    Guys i have an Adult tube site and an aliexpress affiliate site And I want to know how can auto post content from my site to Instagram and Twitter. I mean : twice a day took 2 random videos for tube site and post in : Twitter and Instagram with the title of the video and the link The same...
  18. I

    Where can I spam sites?

    Hi, is there any auto post tool to spam sites? I have registered a good domain name for the mayweather vs pacquiao fight. I want to content lock it with cpa grip. But to get people to the site I need to spam other sites like ustream chat, forums etc. Is there any tool for this? Thanks
  19. mailicreate

    GO VIRAL Facebook auto like and auto share - new trick

    Trick visitors (via captcha) to get more likes and shares. User enters captcha which likes and shares your FB page (hidden) to their friends. If you like to see it in action, PM me for a DEMO. Also I cant post urls as a new user so pm me for the links. What do you need: Your own fb page Some...
  20. C

    How to RePost Popular Content to My Sight

    I built a site in a niche that is not so easily monetized... my question is very simple, is it legal to automatically repost relevant articles from other sites as they come out? i understand that i could simply rewrite them, and that's an option, but is it legal to have an auto poster without...
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