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    Auto Forum Poster Help? Tool is by RonyWilliam phpBB Problem

    Hello Everyone, I just purchased the Auto Forum Poster by RonyWilliam and I'm unable to get the post threads. When I try to look for the posts the software creates it says "The requested topic does not exist." How Do I resolve this issue? Thanks
  2. Y

    Auto Forum Poster

    Hey guys, I've looked around through Search and can't find anything that works properly or doesnt have a virus. Can anyone suggest any good auto forum poster? Preferabally something that posts to multiple platforms. Thanks!
  3. H

    Cyber Forum Poster Ver 1.0

    The Cyber Forum Poster is a small program that sends a single post to many forums (currently supporting 15 forums) at the same time in one single click. It does this without the need for a browser or any interaction by the user, and utilises multi-threading technology to send to every forum at...
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