auto dm

  1. I

    Looking for a tool for mass dm automation

    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read. I am looking for a dm automation tool that can send a targeted dm and also sends a profile share too. Here is an image of someone that i have found is sending these in bulk to thousands of pages. I cant seem to find anything that offers this...
  2. KartikJha

    [urgent] How to Auto DM in Twitter?

    For the past few days, this thing is getting on my nerve. I am not a coder and I have tried really hard to implement any code I can find, but none of them are working. My motive: Auto Direct Message someone who follow me with a greeting message. Help needed!
  3. FBM

    Looking for an Auto DM Tool

    Hey Guys, Hope all is well. Can anyone recommend a Twitter Auto DMer? So we are clear, when you get a new follower they automatically get a DM, like a welcome message. Checked out the obvious ones like Crowdfire and SocialOomph, but are there any others? Thanks, Midas