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  1. shun

    [AutoBot] OpenAI Auto-generated content, title, FAQ, comments, featured images, in-post images, internal linking and social media

    ABOUT ME I am not new to BHW but I create a new account just for this thread. I am a developer and like to code. WHAT I HAVE DONE Created a system that have several bots as below - Content-bot receive a list of keywords and generate people-interested topics, people-also-asked (PAA) questions...
  2. Mr. Grinder

    ✨Completely automated Ai content and PAA Multilanguage site ongoing journey✨ Road to $10,000 per month

    So I have created several journeys in the past, and none is sustainable due to my laziness and consistency. But a year ago, I decided to give kick in the blogging ass and try to pull out some money and finally, I did it. I will try to keep myself motivated and consistent in this journey thread...
  3. Slangur

    Help Me With "Auto Posting" Content To My Web 2s/ Tiered Links?

    Hello, i hope all is well with you and that you are having a good day. If you are taking time to read this post and help me out potentially, i am grateful for your time and energy... Anyways, this is whats going on here. - I have a moneysite (dont we all), and this money site is new. I dont...
  4. John Tran

    [Auto-pilot] 200 - 300 posts daily > Long tail keywords used > Adsense Set up > Go Big or Go Home!

    Hey, it's me gowiththeflow again with 2nd journey thread. Currently setting up an auto posting site. Can't reveal how it works atm. Let's see how this goes. Quick bullet points: Used long-tail keywords Expired domain (not so strong thou) Broad niche Few thousand Kws added Will update...
  5. F

    WPRobot auto content and auto clean cookies possible ?

    Hi good morning all, Is it possible when you use WPRobot auto content to auto clean cookies after each auto posting ? A plugin or something to use to help me ? Thanks a lot, have a nice day.
  6. cleverliving

    Ac and article writing help

    hi i am an australian citizen and there for i am only availiable to be eledgable for pay per view at AC.. is there a way around this so that i can submit and be paid per aticle and not ppv. or are there other places that will buy articles for as high a rate as AC can give? thanks
  7. X

    Free Email Provider With Unlimited Email Responder

    I need an email responder.....Any ideas?
  8. I

    Autoblog blogger with popular tags

    1- Login to you Account and create a new blog. 2- Then Click Settings > Email and create the email which is shown beside Mail-to-Blogger Address. Your email will be like this [email protected] 3- Just Below this email setting, Click at Publish...
  9. P

    Snap Tracker v0.1 [in-dev]

    [Snap] stands for Social Network, Ad Agency and Proxy Tracker. I am working on a centralized all-in-one web-based management software package that has an intranet component that allows you to store all of your websites, proxies, social networks (forums, facebook, myspace) accounts, and...
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