auto blogging software

  1. sageshark

    [Journey] My Experiment with Newsomatic + Auto Blogging - Let's See How Many $$$ Can I Make?

    I am always ready to do new experiments and learn from it. This is my way to get first hand experience of things. So I have started experiments with Auto Blogging and Tumblr Marketing and you can find those journey threads here and here. This is going to be my thirds journey in BHW and second...
  2. MuDiab

    Any One Using ABS (Auto Blogging Samurai)

    If anyone using this software am having problems adding Blogger blogs ?
  3. crazyflx

    Is There A "Blog" Software That Does This? Help!

    I'm new here, but I hope that doesn't stop some of the very helpful people here from helping me out. I've been a long time reader of the forum, but just joined recently...anyway, here is my question. I'm looking for a software that does the following: I input a list of sites that allow users...
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