1. ch8878

    Is it safe on AC to take one your own articles off one account and put on another ?

    I want to know is it safe on AC to take one of your own articles off one account and put it on another or that isn't safe ?
  2. ch8878

    What needs to be changed from a PLR for AC to accept it ?

    I want to know what needs to be changed from a PLR for AC to accept it, because I tryed one it passed copyscape and everything, but AC declined it because they said it was like some site they showed me is this because they put the header of the article in google and said it matches another site...
  3. BigMACK

    I have a verified AC account Sitting idle. Need articles.

    I have had this account for years and just do not have the time to produce articles to post. At this time I am only looking for 1 JV partner that can provide quality articles. I will post the articles onto the account and we can split the profits 60/40. (60 to you and 40 for me). All articles...
  4. ch8878

    Moving to the US will do a partnership with right person

    Hi I am moving to the US tomorrow will do a partnership with the right writer "will give 50% of the earnings because of tax reasons dont care what any dumb ebook says" on the articles he/she does and want someone who can do alot looking for someone good !
  5. N

    AC ask form w9

    hi guys i have a trouble with my AC account i already verification by phone ( text ) and i got paid for 1st submit content, AC paid me after that AC send me mail that they need my w9 they said, my account will active after i send w9 i have print form w9, but how to fill ssn. wheter AC...
  6. J

    Associated Content And Making Money - Some Newbie Questions

    Hi there fellas! I've been checking out the forums for quite some time now...and I can say that this place is sure rich in money making information. HOWEVER, I have a couple of questions that I hope the BHW can help me with. You see, all I need was to make at least $20/day. And I think...
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