1. NobleGuyHere

    what is the average conversion rate on amazon associate

    last 4 days im working with amazon associate and got some clicks i want to know what is your average conversion rate sales/per 1000 clicks
  2. dieuetlefer

    Looking for associate in Reverse Engineering

    hello! I'm make Reverse Engineering but alone I'm too slow. I have a lot of idea, working on some projects (for the money sure) If you are in this domain and looking for association, send me a message on the forum or on telegram: ineeedp
  3. hatterftw1

    Best kind of Amazon Buying Keywords to Promote ?

    So I have been a Amazon Associates member for a long time but never actually put much effort into promoting any products/links ever. Mostly because it always seemed like it would be darn near impossible to rank many buying type keywords on Google, which is the main way I get traffic period just...
  4. A

    Amazon Associates Payment Schedule

    Hello, BHW So is it true, that if I am getting more than minimum, I am getting paid my comissions for a current month after 60 days?
  5. A

    Problems with Amazon Associates PIN

    So I am having a quite common problem with Amazon Associates Pin Verifivation. I am from EU, so it says amazon is prohibited from making calls... Could it be something with my service provider? I tried redirecting with Sonetel by getting a US number, but when I enterd my pin, some app crashed...
  6. Lovalt09

    I want to make business with amazon seller

    Please don't mind my English, I have group of people that always order phones from amazon time to time at least 4 times in a month, spending not less than $15,000, espeacially on iphones, samsung galaxy , htc , blackberry e.t.c So i want amazon seller that sell phones so will can do business...
  7. ridersark

    Indian Amazon Associate Users

    Hi, I was signing up for the amazon(.)com [US] associates program and was presented the tax form. In the section where it asks about the Tax Identification Number (TIN), what should we enter? I have a foreign (non-U.S.) income tax identification number or I do not have a U.S. TIN or a...
  8. P

    amazon associate payment time ??

    Well I want to know amazon associate payment time ? I am from India so amazon paid me via check. How many days it takes to come in India & how many days it take to clear the check :questionm Any Idea :questionm Thanks
  9. A

    Motor Club of America Affiliate

    I'm Alan, a home associate for this company called MCA (MOTOR CLUB OF AMERICA) they are similar to triple A but like 10 times better. As a member/associate you get your normal roadside assistance and many more benefits including dental,vision,and prescription discounts. What my job is to...
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