1. Jhon92


    Where can I learn ASP dot net framework from beginner?Can anyone suggest any good resources? Thanks
  2. B

    Lookinf for asp expert penetration

    Hello, i want to hire an expert in asp, for a penetration work. please answer
  3. H

    How does he cloak adwords?

    When you search for Pro Flight simulator. This guy appears with the following ad: Pro flight simulator Before buy pro flight simulator Make Sure You Have Read It Destination URL: hxxp:// Google see this...
  4. R

    need to develop captcha / image to text server

    need captcha/image to text server
  5. F

    Twitter Script in Classic ASP (no API)?

    Hi, I am looking for a Twitter Script written in Classic ASP or how to code one which does not use API. Thanks. :)
  6. F

    Blog with Classic ASP

    Hi, I am looking for a simple and cheap (better free) Blog solution written in Classic ASP, but SEO friendly like WordPress: - URLRewrite (title-of-the-article.asp); - Google sitemap (xml); - RSS feeds (xml); - Etc. Thanks. :)
  7. OguzKaganAslan

    what is the quickest way of duplicate 47500 wp posts?

    i found a website about small business running on a ASP blog. My business blog is on wordpress. i searched indexed pages of the blog and saw that 47500 indexed by G. can i duplicate all of that posts to my blog... and how? all help will be appreciated... rep. (sorry for my bad english)
  8. F

    Is this how you guys do business?

    Hi: First of all let me warn you that this is a rant. So I wanted to buy the acclaimed and supposedly awesome AutoSocialPoster (or ASP) from Mass-Automation, you know, the software that lets you set your blog to autobookmark your new posts to social bookmarking sites. Quite a few users on...