artificial inteligence

  1. BigDrako

    I need to get my website approved on AdSense

    Hey guys, please give me solutions if you have any. I have a website with 20 AI generated articles. I wanna paraphrase these articles but I think Google AdSense can still figure it is AI generated after I paraphrase it. What's the solution?
  2. BullseyeZ

    My AI Art Generation Skills + Your Social Media accounts (pref USA) and managing

    Hello, BlackHatWorld! Let me introduce myself first! I am a Stable Diffusion expert user with over one year of experience in this field. I can also operate in MidJourney, Dall-E 3, I can create videos with AnimateDiff, I can faceswap (deepfake) images/videos and so on. Images I can generate: -...
  3. F

    Hello Everyone

    Though I have over 20+ Experience in many thing be it AI , Blockchain, Design or Tech . I am newbie here as learning more about SM/SEO/Manymore.. Keep support.. I would share what I know.. Thanks Abdul - FreePixel
  4. R

    Making an AI influencer to generate revenue via OnlyFans subscriptions

    I'm working on growing an instagram AI Influencer page(early stage) and I am at 100 following currently. Any ideas or suggestions on how to make this profitable or get OF subscriptions? Any and all advice will be helpful
  5. S

    2024/ AI replacing humans

    I feel the coming warm of AI What skill i have to learn to survive
  6. R

    Where can I find a trustworthy apportionment (group buy)?

    I want to subscribe to tools like Midjourney, artificial intelligence tools, online ad spying tools, among other tools. But I don't find good reliable apportionments, I don't find good "group buys". I need directions.
  7. anon040

    Wordpress Automation

    Hi I have built a bot that automates the process of generating articles and images(or scrape them), then post automatically to Wordpress. Then generate a tiny version of the article and post it to Facebook and Twitter with hashtags. I also added a feature of scheduling so I can choose how many...
  8. Paabl0

    AI Video Tool - Effectively $ 0.50 Per Video For Youtube

    Hi! Hope you all doing good. I am thinking of launching an Youtube channel, and create videos with the help of AI tools. I tried a few tools such as Invideo, Synthesia, Heygen. Quality is Okay but the problem is the cost. For example with Invideo you get only 50mins of videos, which is 10...
  9. jaojaps

    What’s a common myth about AI that you wish more people knew the truth about?

    Let's get some thoughts on this and debunk a few myths. Drop your insigths below :)
  10. AustinArmstrong

    When searching for information about something online, what do you use more often? Google search or AI tools like ChatGPT or Bard?

    I had this BOLD PREDITION in my Facebook account about a year ago. That ChatGPT and AI are going to overtake Google as a search engine. So what do you think?
  11. BigAllenEnergy

    Can Anyone Recommend a Good AI Cold Calling Service?

    I'm trying to make cold calls using ElevenLabs AI voices. So ideally the person doesn't answer, then their voicemail has a human voice on it asking to call them back. The trouble is that Twilio will ban you for a high rate of non-answered calls and I'm not sure how to set up ElevenLabs to be...
  12. AustinArmstrong

    Prediction about SaaS and AI

    Here's a prediction: In the next 5 years, SaaS and AI will become so intertwined that it will be impossible to separate them. Every SaaS product will be powered by AI, and every AI product will be delivered as a SaaS. What's your prediction?
  13. StarKrypt

    What type of Ai tool do you want to be created?

    Alternative title: If I start an Ai startup, what tool are people looking for?
  14. iamjenko

    My Hyperrealistic AI OF Models + Your Adult Traffic/OF Agency

    Hi all, I have developed a proprietary generative AI program that can create hyperrealistic human models and I'm looking to partner with someone who has experience driving adult content/dating traffic. I can help you scale essentially infinitely in 2 ways: in terms of models and in terms of any...
  15. Delboy2424

    Add-on Domains - 100% AI Site

    Main site is doing well at the moment with steady source of income generated thru placement Ads, and some decent KW rankings. Site is 100% unique human written articles. I have secured a nice expired domain with good metrics and want to run it using 100% AI generated content as a test. If the...
  16. J

    Restaurant Expired Domain with AI

    Hi, I bought not long time ago an expired domain with good authority. It turn out that it was an old restaurant that close so I recovered the old pages with link and traffic, and thats IT. Now I am ranking really well with just 10 pages, lots of click, but the problem, here is that is...
  17. neoanderson

    Google has dropped content written by people from SEO Playbook

    As per the blog in decrypt - Google Updates Its SEO Playbook for Content Generated With AI Google has dropped “content written by people” and now says it looks for quality content—no matter how it was generated.
  18. AriantheWise

    Best ai program for video subtitles?

    Any recommendations on which AI program to use to automate subtitles on videos? I have tried a bunch but they all require a subscription to remove the watermark. I'm looking for a free one if possible. Thanks!
  19. Anne Hemingway

    SEM Rush vs Ahrefs - which one is better?

    Hello, I wanted to ask this long standing rivalry between these 2 amazing SEO companies. What is your opinions? What do you think is going to happen with AI coming in scene? Which one is better? Pros and cons? Thank you for your opinions.
  20. akaseo

    Free Access To [gpt3 | gpt4 | alpaca_7b | falcon_40b | prodia | pollinations] Text & Image Generation Models

    These are not mine. Also, i don't know how much time they will be live so use them if you are looking for an option. :) Text Generation: Model Website gpt3 gpt4 alpaca_7b falcon_40b Image Generation: Model Website...
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