artifical intelligence

  1. G

    Help need from a kind hearted person to solve my university assignment

    If I can't submit this I will fail - Details here - "Solve any two problems from the assignment. And do not copy each other's code. Try to...
  2. dank_chocolate

    [Need Help] Using AI to generate content

    I have been testing AI lately. Started a auto posting blog in may 2021. It was an instant sucess with one day getting as much as 75,000 hits. The spam update ruined it all. Now I am getting only 200-300 hits/day. I have rectified half of the problem, my new posts are not getting indexed...
  3. Snqke

    What is the best AI tool for re-writing content/articles?

    Hello guys, i'd like to know what is the best paid tool to re-write content for my website, what is you're suggestion? Thanks
  4. T

    Pornhub verified image generator (GAN)

    Hi, I was thinking about the latest PornHub developments. As you all know PornHub now requires a verification image in order for your videos to remain listed. I can imagine this is a big blow for many people on the forum, since many methods rely on PornHub. I was thinking, maybe I can train an...
  5. vigyavan

    What do you think about NVIDIA new #AI breakthroughs ?

    AI-Powered Video Conferencing with NVIDIA Maxine This is some next level sh*t !!
  6. W

    Non-English AI content

    I see there are many solutions especially on GPT-2. I am thinking to use GPT-2 for non-english language. I would like to train it to my language. Is there a guide how to do it (if I am not a coder). Is it a realistic idea or too big effort? If anybody can help on this or suggest then please...
  7. I

    Could Jarvee be part of artificial intelligence? ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS PLS!

    ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS PLS! I want to develop an academic paper and investigate it further :) Brand awareness coupled with automation.
  8. Captaintj

    Which programming path to choose? (Which would you suggest?)

    Hey guys. I have a question for the people here who are earning money via their programming skills. So I begin with my learning Programming journey a few weeks back here - I started this Journey just out of...
  9. Hansj80

    The holy grail?

    On this forum you got a lot of ideas to make money however most of the time it will either be saturated or it moves in a grey space like spamming for affiliates and checking out before the ban and some segments are interesting for a year or 3 then you have to move on... Has anyone encountered...
  10. Captaintj

    [JOURNEY] Learning Python to Write Scripts.

    Hey guys, So today I am starting my Journey to learn to code in Python in order to do scripting and automate stuff. I do not really have much programming knowledge, that's why I brought a Python Masterclass course on Udemy to begin with. After that I plan on doing the Automate Boring Stuff...
  11. chris barker

    How to generate passive income from Artificial Intelligence?

    Hello All, I managed to setup sites with AI generated content and generate passive income from clickbank. I put up this video in linkedin.Should u have any question, let me know? Vel
  12. V

    Best Technical/Programming skills to learn for 2020s/2030s?

    Everyone is talking about how AI, ML, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain and much more will continue reshaping the world we live in. I'm currently 23 years old with a degree in Data Science and only code in Python at an intermediate level at best. What's amazing is that all of these technologies won't only...
  13. N

    Role of AI in Digital Marketing

    What role is AI going to play in Digital Markrting? and In which stage AI is in Digital Marketing Now?
  14. Benni0315

    Books created by AI?

    Hey there, I think this would be possible but would it be profitable? Imagine feeding a AI 1000 books or more let's say about sleep, and then let it write 200 Books about it. I mean it was/is possible to create whole videos with AI, it shouldnt it be way easier to create books?
  15. EasySunshine

    Favorite Bots of 2020

    What are everyone's favorite bots in 2020? They can be for Traffic, SEO, Views - anything really. Google Search Bot was one I was utilizing for a minute to increase CTR as well as BT's twitchbot.
  16. vinn12

    The Impact of A.I. on Seo ?

    Hello Veterans, Curious to know what would be the impact of A.I. on SEO ? Do you guys think , It will help in enhancing page rankings ? Any views will be appreciated ? Looking forward :)
  17. sagua

    Unique AI generated face images with API

    Hi, I just got a email, that Generated Photos has just launched their API to randomly generate unique person images using AI. That is the same team, that launched 100000 free AI generate person face images some months ago. It says API price starts at 0.006$/call. 1 call is one image requested...
  18. W

    Face recognition on images

    Hi. I have 1000s of images. I would like to remove those images which show faces. Do you know any application which could do it in bulk. The best would be if it could do the job based on url (each url points to an image). Thank you! Wooster
  19. artistzzz

    My AI / Automation / Programming Skills + Your Monetization Method

    I am an AI engineer with a background in Machine Learning and Software Engineering. I am based in South Africa and UK, and have been involved in anything to do with text, image, voice, time series data etc. If the joint venture is big enough and if it’s necessary I can also travel to certain...
  20. artistzzz

    Can't Wait to Retire Before I hit 30s

    Hello, I am from South Africa. Although I have been registered on this site for over 7 years, I have become more active recently. I am an AI engineer, involved in building cognitive solutions using latest machine learning techniques. I have also built a lot of automation tools in the past and...