artifical intelligence

  1. spanishwolf

    Hi everybody!! Already making $5K+ PER MONTH

    Hi everyone, This is the first post I write in the forum, but I've been a random spectator for years. Currently I have an automated website generating more than $5,000 per month with almost 1 MILLION UNIQUE USERS each month. The website is ONLY MONETIZED WITH ADS; I do not monetize in any...
  2. crystalwiz

    Using Suggesty chrome extension? Think again

    So I came across this chrome extension branded as Suggesty. It is intended to make Googler and lazy-ass people's life easier. While it's undoubtedly a great idea that I find useful in some instances if you want the search engine to quickly give you an idea, the tool is NOT 100% accurate and...
  3. TheDankChocolate

    [Journey] Creating an Automated News Website with help of Manual+AI Content and scaling further.

    I have been into IM for quite some amount of time (5+ years). In my initial days, like some of us, I was going behind multiple niches on a single website (utter stupidity). But I learned my lesson very early and within 6 months of launching my first website, I came to the conclusion that if I...
  4. noellarkin

    Identifying Tokens for Logit Biases (GPT NeoX 20B)

    So let's say I take 3 different sentences, and tokenize them in GPT Neo : "My name is Noel" "My name is Bob" "My name is Haley" Results: {"tokens":[3220,1416,310,642,293]} {"tokens":[3220,1416,310,8679]} {"tokens":[3220,1416,310,388,25406]} Judging by the numbers, it means 3220=My, 1416=name...
  5. G

    Custom video descriptions

    Hello guys! I've started recently my first porn site. I have CS background, so I made an AI to help me generate custom video descriptions, to automate uploading process and for SEO. My question is, how much custom content on pages affects the SEO in our segment? And following, I'd like to hear...
  6. Panther28

    How to get Ai content from Rytr via their API

    I was trying for a while to get rytr product descriptions working, and finally after no help from support really, I stumbled upon the solution. Thought it might help someone as new to API's as me. The original documentation is here. With samples for php. The part that starts...
  7. crystalwiz

    Is there any AI text-to-image generator?

    Hi guys, I would like to know which tool or website or API allows you to enter texts and it will return an image based on the texts. For example, I enter "cute dogs in Mexico" as texts and the output becomes a real image of a beautiful Mexican dog. I imagine that such a tool would exist like...
  8. AI Writing Tools & Text Content Generation API AI writing tools & text content generation API. Write more. Write smarter. Write more efficiently. Whether you are a digital marketer, an SEO specialist, a social media manager, or even a traditional marketer looking to increase your content writing volume & efficiency...
  9. noellarkin

    Jacob Ward - "The Loop"

    Just finished reading Jacob Ward's "The Loop" - a recently-released book on the side-effects of AI algorithms.It's a pretty good book, and an excellent introduction for people unfamiliar with AI and algorithms to understand long-term effects of trusting black box AI products and services. It...
  10. Sartre

    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Hey folks, I have a background in computer science. I already own several profitable content websites (but nothing crazy), and I'm tired of creating/outsourcing content. I've created a simple app in Python that goes through the top results on Google for a given keyword, takes a paragraph from...
  11. noellarkin

    AI that explains code in human language

    I'm 4 months into programming, so I'll often find myself asking beginners' questions on forums, trying to understand/unpack/reverse engineer something I'm working on. I came across this website today: I'm pretty sceptical about peoples' claims about AI, so I tested it...
  12. G

    Help need from a kind hearted person to solve my university assignment

    If I can't submit this I will fail - Details here - "Solve any two problems from the assignment. And do not copy each other's code. Try to...
  13. TheDankChocolate

    [Need Help] Using AI to generate content

    I have been testing AI lately. Started a auto posting blog in may 2021. It was an instant sucess with one day getting as much as 75,000 hits. The spam update ruined it all. Now I am getting only 200-300 hits/day. I have rectified half of the problem, my new posts are not getting indexed...
  14. Snqke

    What is the best AI tool for re-writing content/articles?

    Hello guys, i'd like to know what is the best paid tool to re-write content for my website, what is you're suggestion? Thanks
  15. T

    Pornhub verified image generator (GAN)

    Hi, I was thinking about the latest PornHub developments. As you all know PornHub now requires a verification image in order for your videos to remain listed. I can imagine this is a big blow for many people on the forum, since many methods rely on PornHub. I was thinking, maybe I can train an...
  16. vigyavan

    What do you think about NVIDIA new #AI breakthroughs ?

    AI-Powered Video Conferencing with NVIDIA Maxine This is some next level sh*t !!
  17. W

    Non-English AI content

    I see there are many solutions especially on GPT-2. I am thinking to use GPT-2 for non-english language. I would like to train it to my language. Is there a guide how to do it (if I am not a coder). Is it a realistic idea or too big effort? If anybody can help on this or suggest then please...
  18. I

    Could Jarvee be part of artificial intelligence? ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS PLS!

    ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS PLS! I want to develop an academic paper and investigate it further :) Brand awareness coupled with automation.
  19. Captaintj

    Which programming path to choose? (Which would you suggest?)

    Hey guys. I have a question for the people here who are earning money via their programming skills. So I begin with my learning Programming journey a few weeks back here - I started this Journey just out of...
  20. Hansj80

    The holy grail?

    On this forum you got a lot of ideas to make money however most of the time it will either be saturated or it moves in a grey space like spamming for affiliates and checking out before the ban and some segments are interesting for a year or 3 then you have to move on... Has anyone encountered...