article syndication

  1. Slangur

    Syndication Tools? Auto-Generating Content / Auto-Posting Content?

    Hello, i am wondering if you know any tools that can be used for auto creating content and auto posting that content. How do i syndicate this content that comes out regularly and have it optimized when it is posted automatically also - using tools of course.... Do you know of any, of do you use...
  2. hoot33

    Does UAW help with link juice or just traffic???

    I signed up to UAW on friday still waiting for my first few articles to go out. I have heard from many people that they receive hundreds and hundreds of back links from this, do these links help with SERPS or are they just there for traffic??? Thanks
  3. meftw

    best article syndication service?

    hey guys, i was just wondering what services (free preferably) you would recommend for article syndication. i'm already using automatic article submitter, onlywire, twitter, facebook, friendfeed and video promo blasts to get exposure. i suppose the next step would be to get syndicated by other...
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