article scraping

  1. R

    ScrapeBox Article Scraper [Markers]

    I own the Mac version of Scrapebox (SB) and am thinking about buying another license for my VPS. I am wondering if SB+Article Scraper Plugin can do this: Goal: Import a list of mostly WordPress URLs and scrape all the [Posts]. Problems: 1. Markers Can I use the markers <title> <h1> ... <P>...
  2. letuvis

    parsehub question scraping articles according to keyword?

    guys, im lost. i want to scrape articles of specific keywords from online (multiple different sources) i want to use parsehub for that as it is free obviously but I don't know how to use it actually. is it even possible? maybe someone could help me to get started? im not totally skinny so can...
  3. D

    Content Plugins

    Hello, Can anyone point me in the right direction for plugins for either Wordpress or Drupal (Wordpress preferred) that can take a list of published articles (manually supplied) and extract the content to automatically post (not spin or anything like that). I have been manually using the...
  4. Veronique89

    Software for scraping multiple domains (and articles) from

    Good day to all, apologies to bother! I was wondering if there is any software available that can scrape multiple domains (like +1000) from I was using Expired Aricle Scraper, but that software doesn't work anymore :(. It's just silly clicking and checking link per link for...