article database

  1. Johnuma

    need approved article submission list

    Hi, can you please give me approved article submission site list ? how to get approved links for directory submission . please reply here . Thanks
  2. J

    I have the resources in place to write over 300 quality articles a day. Now what?

    My marketing company works with 150 college interns here in the states on a semesterly basis. I have been in affiliate marketing for a while but I am very new to article writing. I believe I can leverage my interns to come up with timely quality articles. But I dont know much about the...
  3. WebmasterDeluxe

    Huge List of Article Directories

    Any have a link to a massive list of Article Directories?? Found a few online, but still looking for more...I searched around here but didn't see one Thanks!
  4. aldragon

    need Spanish article writers

    I have currently a budget for $$1k for 500 well written article in spanish, thats 2 USD for one it can be from 300 to 500 words. Pm me for details about the main keywords. Need the sh*t asap. 50% in advance no bull** pleae
  5. N

    Top Article Directories

    Anyone knows article directories that accept adult content?
  6. N

    Web 2.0 CMS for articles directory

    I've looked around for CMSes used to contain articles, but thus far the ones that impress me most are Wordpress and Drupal. Are these the main/ultimate systems used for this line or work?
  7. J

    Scrape Article Sites/Create DB of Articles

    I want a DB of articles from sites like ezine articles got articles article city etc So, I would like to hire someone's expertise. Who has either already put together a database of articles like this or who can quickly grab all the articles from the sites above. Send me a pm and we...
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