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  1. superseo

    Looking for tool/plugin for bulk posting from text file to wordpress site

    Hello I have a lot of txt files that I want to upload in bulk to my wordpress site in the text file you have the: Title Summary Keywords Article Body I'm looking for tool that can help me upload it to my wordpress site and schedule it's published time, if extra benefit that i'm looking is to...
  2. Elionell

    How to Grow Wordpress Game site! Help please.

    :(Good day everyone! Am new to web design! Sometime last year, I built a website with Wordpress. It was all about clash of clans news etc. I got contents and used spinner on some of them, yet AdSense kept saying Scraped content. This year i built a new website with...
  3. Yellowcrow

    [Give-away]Ten 500 words original articles.

    Hello everyone. As the title says I'll be giving away 10 well researched & written articles. In return I want your opinion on the quality of the article & at what price would you value it. I want to enhance my writing speed & skills so that's what I'll be getting out of it.I also asked you to...
  4. A

    Here is a short Intro

    Hello Great Peoples, This is Aamir Amin an SEO learner. I came here to learn the great strategies of the SEO gurus. I hope i become successful to get the things done in the right way.
  5. srj18

    Any Suggestion for Top Article Submission Sites to Get Backlinks

    Hi, Please suggest me some best websites to submit quality articles to get links back on my blog.
  6. Anytar

    Get 500 worded Article For Free (Limited offer)

    I have the intention of building an online portfolio for my freelancing site. For this, I am willing to produce an article of between 400 to 500 words for the first 4 people in my P.M every day. Note... I will make my first pick from the first 4 people in my P.M from NOW!! Keep watch for...