article 13

  1. crissdinesh

    Article 13 passed in Europe

    Hey BHW! What’s your take on this? How will it affect Bloggers and YouTubers of other countries? It still requires final approval by the European Council on April 9.
  2. peachseo

    What is Article 13

    Anyone can explain what is Article 13 according to the EU Law?
  3. MajTechReview

    Article 13 - End of Internet

    The corrupt EU government just voted positive on article 13. Let's stop this, sign every petition, call everyone involved and get #SaveYourInternet trending on Twitter etc, as this could potentially be the end of YouTube in Europe and so on.. if we don't fight back! go go go...
  4. Freevy

    What do you think about new art 13?It will change internet as we know it?

    Hey, I want to know if you guys know anything about this law, i can't explain good in english, so i will copy paste some things from a source. The European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee Voted for the Article 13 #CensorshipMachine: What Happens Next? #SaveYourInternet Zeroes and Heroes...