1. I-marketer

    Restoring Original Content of Expired Domain?

    I came across one decent expired domain that I plan to point directly to my money site. Before that, I would like to restore its content so that it matches the old content as much as possible. My plan is to use the WaybackMachine and just copy+paste the articles to this expired domain. I just...
  2. M

    Looking For Funny / Pop Culture Writers (Articles Can be Short)

    Hey I am looking for funny, comical writers or atleast someone who can write articles on pop culture related topics that are relevant to the US. Some the content is stuff that would be like stuff you would read off of cracked dot com or buzzfeed dom com. Please check out those websites to get a...
  3. IamNRE

    Hey Guys! - What do you about this? NSFW

    This was our attempt at making a viral video. Let us know what you think :) Please like and share if you don't mind!!! Our name on FB is Money Site Content <3
  4. M

    [HIRING] Original/Unique web content writer

    I need someone to do the text content for my clients website. Website is setup and pages need to be written according to the business type. For example: If it is a construction company, you will have to create the content according to their services. You can look at similar sites to get the...
  5. H

    URGENT HELP NEEDED - Article Writing

    Hey everyone I have written a test article for someone and he paid me a a small nominal sum for my work which I was happy to do he now wants me to quote a price for 600 words - web content. I have never written articles for people on the web before so I have no idea what the going rate is...
  6. aldragon

    Article Writing Black hat

    This is just an idea so please take it easy. After 2 of my websites went in the fist page of g00gle with just 100 - 270 backlinks each, while I was preparing the content and the final design started getting a huge amount of hits . The only links I built to them were from article base and...
  7. aldragon

    Need unique articles

    hi there, im in the need of unique articles about working at night. about 50 of them , Ill provide the keywords )only about 6 please pm me thanks in advance Al If you can't decide in one day, you can't decide
  8. RoscoeT

    What's the 411 about articles and back links?

    Lots of people talk about article submission as a great way of getting back links but I'm not so sure how well it works. 6 months ago I wrote and published an ezine article and I have yet to see the link show up in ANY back link checking system. None of the back link check systems I used...
  9. B

    what is the best structure for an article - linkwheels?

    i tried to find something talking about the best structure to set up an article that u can use for a link wheel...whats the optimum amount of words...where do u put ur many paragraphs ect?...i had the info on my old pc but the motherboard died so i cant get to it...any help will be...
  10. P

    Associate Content Questions?

    First things first, I don't know much about using associated content ( I was looking at this thread and what I want to know is.... 1. How does this site pay me? 2...
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