1. htoolas

    Google index

    Hey guys, I have built an archive all-in-one website, but I need an index tool to build backlinks, I'm working on black hat niche. Any suggestion?
  2. C

    How to judge the worth of one domain site?

    Recently, I find one domain (da 40) and use archive to view the history, but it only indexed around 3-5 times every year. In my opinion, it should be indexed many pages and many times. I wonder why this happened. Is it normal for such high domain authority site? And what data could help me judge...
  3. thebotmaker

    Archive for sticky threads

    Sometimes you have a useful sticky thread in various sections, such as the Making Money section, but without notice it is removed, and it goes 'missing' after some time. What I'm suggesting is the ability to see the threads previously pinned in a forum section every month, for example, or just...
  4. crypt03nthu

    How to recover entire website from archive?

    Hi guys, So, I have downloaded the whole data from for one domain. Now, how can I restore the entire website on the domain? There are several services for doing the same but if anyone knows a way, please guide me here. The website was based on WordPress in the past and willing to...
  5. Mediawiz

    [HELP] Need some advice

    Hello BHW For one of my projects I need some advice regarding SEO. The project is about 15 months old and I see stats increase and decrease over time, I want more continious grow. The website has a lot of info on static pages. These pages are in my navigation bar and I have a static homepage...
  6. vishal9586

    Had a doubt regarding pbn! can anyone help?

    I am making pbn for my money site and for that i have got some expired domains. The question is should i just scrape the content for the pbn from archive(wayback). Is it ok to do so? Please help me with your views. Should i write new posts on that expired domain or just scrape the old posts and...
  7. nahid133

    [Need Help] Wayback Machine to WP

    I want to build a site from wayback machine & i need it to be on WP. I tried YT for help didn't find anything helpful may be i missed. If anyone know a video or pdf guide please share. download from & build it in wordpress. Thanks nahid
  8. ShiningWarrior

    My Windows is f#cked up OR I still don't know how to use?!

    Hey, I'm embarrassed but can't find a solution of this silly thing. I am on Win 10. Now, I'm trying to get a folder archived into RAR which has tons and tons of audio files each approx 4-5 mb or such. So, I tried to see the total size but getting multiple sizes each time. I saw the properties...
  9. ss1180

    Expired Article Hunter Alternative?

    Do you know any expired article hunter as it's not working now.
  10. uristjack

    [METHOD] Expired Domains = Free Content!

    Expired Domains = Free Content! So, most of us I'm assuming have bought expired domains at some point or another. Anyone who hasn't, check out these guides here: How to find high DA expired domains for free! by macdonjo3 How to choose expired domains by jackteam Now, what most of you don't...
  11. D

    I would just like to know if this website's archive is no longer available.

    Hello, I am a new member and I noticed the absense of the archive on this webpage, so I would like to know if it's no longer available or it's new position.
  12. M

    I built a Wayback / site downloader

    I have tested it on a handful of sites myself and it worked great. I'd like to get some feedback from others, so if you are a reputable member and can provide some feedback on this thread as to the quality of the download, let me know.