1. Dictatorce

    Should I apply my Blackhat YouTube Channel for Monetization?

    I have a YouTube channel that does Blackhat SEO and Get Rich Quick methods. I'm wondering should I apply my YouTube channel for Monetization to get some extra cash? Although the problem with applying for monetization is that YouTube will now review my channel thoroughly. There's a chance that my...
  2. wizox

    ReviewStream - question about formatting article ?

    Hello everyone. I've applied for ReviewStream, and I have waited two days to get a message whether I am in or not. I have a Note from them : Please format it properly. Thanks. Now can someone explain what do they mean by 'format' ? Any help would be much appreciated, -wizox
  3. K

    Fb page unpublished but...

    Facebook unpublished my page for no reason because I supposedly violated the terms of use,which I never did.My page went unpublished during the last days of January and I applied my objection through all four accounts I have and all my appeals have been denied.Today I hit ''apply'' and I saw...
  4. Y

    NEW YOUTUBE PARTNERSHIP NETWORK !! powered by Bent pixels and YDL Network

    Hello everybody, We are YTMN (Youtube Music Network). Our network provides youtube partnerships for musicians who make their own and original music. YTMN is powered by Bent Pixels and YDL Network. Requirements . NO VIEW REQUIREMENT! . Channel must be 1 month or older. . No copyright...
  5. Abercrombie

    Banned by CJ? Here is how to get back in: Apply!

    No shit! I was banned a ways back for blank referrers (VERY bad at CJ) and I have not used them for about a month or two (because I was banned). Anyway, I have this new site that is a match for mostly programs that are exclusive to CJ. It seems the big dog advertisers want to go with the big dog...
  6. frenchboy

    How I got accepted by every CPA company as a noob

    Ive just discovered BHW a couple of weeks ago. Before that I knew NOTHING about internet marketing. You can make decent money with CPA offers if you just get yourself a way to get traffic or give an incentive. And before I start, this is a gathering of everything I found here on BHW. Nothing...
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