1. Nuzzie

    Has anyone heard of or used 500apps?

    Hey BHW, Just wondering if anyone heard of or used 500apps. I've experienced my fair share of all-in-one business suites, one that stood out to me the most was Zoho One... it offered a lot of strong applications but I was deterred by the cost ($55/mo per user, per business) I've recently come...
  2. Veil123

    [FREE] Fixing -HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, C#- problems

    Hey, hey! I see a lot of members having problems with their website(s) lately, asking tons of questions regarding the problems they occur and they usually open HAF threads offering few bucks for someone's help. To help those in need, I am offering my expertise and assistance for the BHW...
  3. ShiningWarrior

    How many of you use Legit Windows and apps?

    Hi, just wanted to have the discussion of how many are using legit windows than the cracked version using KMS activator? xD And do you all use cracked software or buy them?
  4. Lock_Xram

    Is anyone selling apps published to Google Play?

    Hi guys! looking for apps for sale in Google Play. I mean published apps not a source code. I'd be glad to buy cheap slots and casino games. I can buy them evene with developer account. So if you are interested feel free to say the price
  5. ShiningWarrior

    Fast browser in 2018?

    Hi, I was trying to use firefox but it is not the same old good firefox from 2005-2010 iirc, at least for me. But I still downloaded and couple of extensions like uBlock, Disconnect, VPN are installed and it lags like hell. Already cleared cookies and such but still same issue. Any good and...
  6. R

    Hey BHW family

    I am from africa with interest in social media and web applications
  7. playsocials

    Need to buy 20k+ Facebook Tokens

    I am looking to buy over 20k+ Facebook Application tokens. Require with the following actions - Read_stream Publish_actions Please PM with your quotations.
  8. jadezoole

    Suggest an AI application

    In the following month, I will work on an AI application rating site where you could find top edge intelligent software and hardware available for public. Several years ago as a young adult I was extremely interested in AI and I was eager to use intelligent agents that work on behalf of me and...
  9. L

    Facebook Apps ' Script

    Hello Friends , i heard that it is a script that helps you to approve applications in facebook how can i get that script.
  10. Zwielicht

    How To Get Your Google Adsense Application Approved On The First Try (It's A Cinch!)

    Adsense-related questions popup here quite often and I've seen numerous members ask questions such as how to get their Adsense applications approved and why their Adsense applications were rejected. Due to the prevalence of these questions, I figured that instead of answering these questions...
  11. N

    facebook user friend list access application

    i need facebook application with approved permissions...user_friends if anybody have please add me i will buy it... skype : nakulnakul11
  12. P

    Application development

    So, I'm starting with a blank canvas (whiteboard) here...and need some direction. I'd like to create a map/locator style application and really...have no idea where to start....I've done some searching but only came up with information and resource on application hosting providers and all of...
  13. S

    Any seller for Old Facebook Apps ?

    Hey Everyone, Sorry for creating topic for such an issue, well anybody knows any seller who sells old facebook apps ? . I am trying to find any good seller is still selling old facebook apps. If anybody here knows anyone, please tell me. Its kind of urgent for me. Thanks :)
  14. IberoJump

    Best faceebok page apps?

    I recently started a new facebook page and would like to add some cool apps, to increase likes and being able to mantain quality likes. If you have any other tips to get the page high please tell me. Thank you for your time guys ! ;)
  15. M

    New Member - mdyork

    I have visited this forum on multiple occasions. I have always found the questions and comments interesting and, for the most part, insightful. Because I found the member replies to be insightful, I decided to join this forum to get feedback on a site concept. (I'll post a thread under...
  16. V

    Who here is running some serious (not scammy) FB apps? How's it going?

    I've started developing a series of Facebook applications - they have varying levels of functionality. I'm excited to finish them. Some I think will do better than others. Anyone else in this game? Post your DAU and average revenue if you're willing. I'd love to see what sorts of results people...
  17. F

    +++++Iphone Application Needed+++++

    Looking for an iphone application. very simple I have a competitor of mine that has an app live now. need something that would be very similar quote me please
  18. nihalsad

    Download from a paypal site without paying a penny!

    Sorry but it has been removed.
  19. 2

    facebook Applications & Traffic

    Hi guys, Just got back into IM after like 3 years. I have a question. I have a great application on facebook that will make alot of money through cpa offers. I have one major issue that i am facing and that is driving traffic to it. Maybe people have stopped believing that these get rich...
  20. A

    Can you actually invite facebook applications from emails?

    Hi, from my latest tests on what you can do and what you cant do on facebook from a given email list. 1) You can add friends via email invitation on facebook either with PVA or non PVA account 2) You can invite people to an event via email, either with PVA or non PVA account 3) You can...
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