api help

  1. raregem009

    Please How Do I Know the VTU API of this site

    Hello Blackhatters Please i will like to know the VTU API of this site https://vtu.zcnox.ng/index so i can use it to set up a similar site . I will really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance
  2. KJREDDY247@

    SMM panel: Resellers advice needed

    If I want to get SMM panel ( Most of the reselling providers give an option of adding their API ) but if I want to add different services from different providers Like: Facebook likes from Provider A Instagram likes from Provider B Twitter likes from Provider C etc. is it possible to do...
  3. koulde

    Help with simple API code.

    Hello, I must say from the begging that I am not familiar with any of the programming languages, I barely know some PHP and thats just to fix wordpress bugs. I've got this API for SMS portal. I am suppose to send bulk sms to clients each with a specific text, and since I lack the experience...
  4. L

    SMM Panel - How to setup API?

    Recently got a good panel script and was wondering how to get it to run automatically? I enter in the API in the format with reseller link, api key, and service id and it doesnt work Any Idea on how to do this?
  5. S

    Someone able to help me setting up Exoclick Postback URL?

    Hi guys :) I am pretty new in this world, I would like to start buying traffic on Exoclick, i would start tracking conversions from their platform first, and then eventually use a third party solution. Someone knows how to set up their Postback URL? Thanks in advace
  6. Jure321

    Developing Basic KW Tool in .NET - Looking for FREE APIs?

    Hi everyone! I'd like to create a simple KW research tool for my college project. However, I am not sure I can find any API that allows me to pull any data for free. I've been googling a lot and failed. My plan is to pull data from multiple APIs, put it together and come up with some kind of...
  7. ezee-e

    Retrieving monthly search volume for keywords

    I want to retrieve the monthly searches/CPC for large amounts of keywords. Is the only way to get this through the Google KP API? Os is there somewhere this can be scraped/retrieved from for free? Does anybody have any experience getting a production server API token for the Google KP API, if...
  8. Omoadamo

    How Can I get this done???

    Hello BHW, Please how can I insert the below commands to my WordPress website and what do I need to remove from it as well? Command: https://example.com/api/data.php/?username=****&password=****&network=****&phoneNumber=***&amount=****&ref=12345&return_url=**** Parameters: username: Use your...
  9. B

    Adwords API Key - where to buy?

    Anyone here selling AdWords API keys? Anyone can help, please! Thanks
  10. jani

    Job Portal API Integration Doubt

    Hi Team, I am planning to integrate A job Portal API and call the data to my site. in this case, what will the URL format? does it come with My site? com/ my URL format or it will be like job portal given URL. calling same data from that portal will affect my Site Seo (Duplicate content) Your...
  11. 2

    looking for PHP professional to help with API

    Looking for professionals for a php requires project. will demand source code previous to payment. I have people in my irl friend circle to do this but I will also hear offers from various online marketplaces. s k y p e: --> aroccog94
  12. DulalKisku

    Which server do you recommend to stream music?

    Ampache (http://ampache.org/) and koel (https://koel.phanan.net/) have good review, do you know any other server to stream music like Spotify?
  13. L

    How to make similar website in wordpress?

    Hi everyone, I am for a while in the adult affiliate business with some simple blogs (wordpress) average succes :) I was wondering how I could make a similar website in wordpress like this one: megacams dot me - what kind of wordpress them and is it possible even? - plugins ? - how to...
  14. A

    Social Media API

    Hi friends i have one admin panel..actually i am looking social media API, i mean i have one image in admin panel, if i clicked on share button means that image should share on FB,Twitter, and instagram.
  15. S

    API help

    I purchased access to an api for keyword research. I need help from an experienced individual who will be able to import a list of keywords into the api string and use the "import XML" function to return the results into excel. Currently I have my Api url showing data in my browser as xml data...
  16. R

    Hi, can someone please help me with JSON API?

    Hi everyone, This is actually my first post here on BHW but i have been reading lots through the forums quite a lot. Nice to meet you all. I have recently started a new TubeSite. www.tabootoes.com I am aiming to use JSON API and would love to get some guidence on how to use it properly. I...