1. CyberCommander

    Tutorial - how to protect your email inbox from spam

    Hi guys In this tutorial i will share with you different solutions how to protect your mailbox from spam. Requirements: - You are the owner of the domain - You have access to the DNS records Case: The problem is, the most webhosting providers use as Antispam solution Apache SpamAssasin The...
  2. D

    Which is best Anti-spam plugin for wordpress?

    Hi Friends, I did not open my wordpress blog for commenting. But now I am going to open for all. Unfortunately, I got solid spam comment which are only targetting for grabbing backlink. I want to get rid of those all kind of spam comments. I want free plugin only because I am not earning any...
  3. kurosaki4d

    Where can i comply for my blacklisting case ?

    Hi, I would like to know in case if i get my domain name blacklisted, to which Anti-spam organisation should i comply to about my issue and request my removal from the blacklist database. I mean, should i apply in the Spamhaus or another organisation, how can i know in which one i'm...
  4. Cohle

    Facebook Group Posting Method

    Hello Everyone, I am posting in FB groups almost 3 year. so 3 days ago made wp site, added some fake posts , posting in some groups ( got near 3k share on whole posts) made 200 $ from popunders and now posts started ghosting, then made new site and with other computers(other ips) , friend's...
  5. D

    IP Blacklist Check Script

    <html> <head> <title>DNSBL Lookup Tool - IP Blacklist Check Script</title> </head> <body> <form action="" method="get"> <input type="text" value="" name="ip" /> <input type="submit" value="LOOKUP" /> </form> <?php...
  6. C

    I <3 xrumer !

    Hey guys, I've been a slugger and haven't contributed much to this great forum, just been reading here and there. I've been experimenting alot with xrumer's fairly new AntiSpam feature and just wanted to share a few lines. To be honest, It's outright impressive how it works. It requires...
  7. H

    Set up another layer of protection against spam at WP (perfect for autoblogs)

    Hello everyone, I decided to share this snippet of code with you because you're probably the ones that will make the most out of it (used with plugins such as Akismet, this will remove almost all spam out of your autoblogs and legit blogs) - and because should this fall in the wrong hands, all...
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