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  1. C

    how to monetize my Anime Manga site (Not a streaming site)

    i am running anime site where i posted content related to anime and manga. Getting 95% traffic from google and top 5 countries are united states, indonesia, brazil, philippines and vietnam. Monthly organic traffic is 100K. currently using Adsense but CTR is 0.4% made only 5$ in 25k pagviews...
  2. Makchannel

    Web designer needed

    Guys i've created a website about streaming online videos such as movies, series and anime.. And I realised there's lot of work and i'm failing to keep up with it so i'm looking for people who will be willing to assist me in finishing the project. I've already done most of the important coding...
  3. L

    In need of help/guidance with building anime streaming website

    Hey everyone. I've been working on an anime website since around September 2015 and I'm at a point where I need to go back to the drawing board. At first I kind of just dove right in and started manually embedding videos into my website, but that is sooo inefficient and time-consuming. Since...
  4. R

    Make $100 a day with Anime Websites

    Hi BHWers, I'm currently setting up a method to make money only with anime affiliate sites. I actually learnt of this here at BHW. What a helpful forum,this is. Does anyone out there know any good anime affiliate program that pays well? Im really desperate to do it right with the first...
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