android studio

  1. M

    Virtual Box multiple google developer accounts

    I want to open multiple google consoles using Virtual Box Oracle, I don't know what to do with the Network, I'm afraid the virtual machine will have the same IP adresses as host desktop, please help me how to run that without any issues
  2. M

    Best Browser anti detect +Proxy

    I'm suffering from multiple accountd termination, 6 google consoles got terminated. How I work : - I use RDP aws, I launched many instances and opened many consoles for each one CAn you recommand me the best Anti detect brower + strong private Proxy I use Moroccan ids to open consoles, So I...
  3. M

    Low CTR in Applovin

    Anyone has experience with Applovin platform? I have a very low CTR ( few clicks for a lot of impressions) I wonder if the issue is in the code in android studio. HELP Thanks
  4. Badarod

    [JOURNEY] Mobile Apps Revolution

    Hi everyone I hope you all doing good , i'm posting this thread to help myself to get motivated to do what i habe to do in my business life. first of all i'm an android developer (java+android studio) i'm making money bybm developing a source code m, generating a lot of apps from it ,publishing...
  5. SagarVerma

    Gradle Issues.

    Hi Folks! 2 days before I purchased one android app from Envato. When I am doing changes in app thru android studio, after open the project, its giving below error: Gradle sync failed: Cause: org/gradle/api/internal/plugins/DefaultConvention can anyone help to resolve this issue? i asked the...
  6. Himean007

    Starting Android Development

    Hey All, I have decided to now focus on android development.I will be starting from Android Studio.So, here are few questions in my mind: 1. Should i dedicate myself to learn java first (i already now c++ and a lil bit python)? 2. Suggest me some good courses(free recommended) 3. Is android...
  7. Stkr Dngr

    Anybody making apps with android studio 3.1

    Ever since I update to android studio 3.1 I have not been able to make a simple useful app... I don't know how I magically made an app but it won't let me put an admob in it. I was making apps with the other studio but since the update, It has been gradle error or a plugin error, my codes are...
  8. Susanta Lohar

    |need help| on firebase push notification.

    I have inserted google-services.json file in my code. I want to send notification with image like this can anyone help me regarding this? @vinku will you bother to check the error?
  9. Alae63

    [Question] Any solution for android studio on multiple apps ?

    Hi guys , hope that everyone is doing okey I've got a question about google play and android studio , I know how to open multiple accounts without google closing it , but my problem is with android studio , I heard rumours about it that says if you work with the same android studio on multiple...
  10. A

    How to implement lines underneath which letters can go Android

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I'm a beginner with Android, and right now I want to code a simple guessing app for practice. I want to implement the same lines that are shown here, but I want the user to be able to click on buttons below that will make letters appear above these lines. When the user...
  11. Lukmat

    Android Apps Money - AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING) - 1 WEEK

    Many of you knows but some of you don't. I am Android developer for 2011 and making money for these whole years from Google Play. I never worked anywhere else for anybody. I am just self-made man. I see that many people have questions about Google Play and making money in this industry, so I've...
  12. A

    Want to start reskin !!! Some informations needed !!

    Hello everybody, Well I'm very interested in making money from the internet , so it's at least 4 months that i'm searching a lot about it and reading about making money methods such as CPA , reskin , shopify eCommerce , programming as a freelance . I'm the first year in computer science...
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