android studio

  1. Badarod

    [JOURNEY] Mobile Apps Revolution

    Hi everyone I hope you all doing good , i'm posting this thread to help myself to get motivated to do what i habe to do in my business life. first of all i'm an android developer (java+android studio) i'm making money bybm developing a source code m, generating a lot of apps from it ,publishing...
  2. SagarVerma

    Gradle Issues.

    Hi Folks! 2 days before I purchased one android app from Envato. When I am doing changes in app thru android studio, after open the project, its giving below error: Gradle sync failed: Cause: org/gradle/api/internal/plugins/DefaultConvention can anyone help to resolve this issue? i asked the...
  3. Himean007

    Starting Android Development

    Hey All, I have decided to now focus on android development.I will be starting from Android Studio.So, here are few questions in my mind: 1. Should i dedicate myself to learn java first (i already now c++ and a lil bit python)? 2. Suggest me some good courses(free recommended) 3. Is android...
  4. Stkr Dngr

    Anybody making apps with android studio 3.1

    Ever since I update to android studio 3.1 I have not been able to make a simple useful app... I don't know how I magically made an app but it won't let me put an admob in it. I was making apps with the other studio but since the update, It has been gradle error or a plugin error, my codes are...
  5. Susanta Lohar

    |need help| on firebase push notification.

    I have inserted google-services.json file in my code. I want to send notification with image like this can anyone help me regarding this? @vinku will you bother to check the error?
  6. Alae63

    [Question] Any solution for android studio on multiple apps ?

    Hi guys , hope that everyone is doing okey I've got a question about google play and android studio , I know how to open multiple accounts without google closing it , but my problem is with android studio , I heard rumours about it that says if you work with the same android studio on multiple...
  7. A

    How to implement lines underneath which letters can go Android

    Hello BlackHatWorld, I'm a beginner with Android, and right now I want to code a simple guessing app for practice. I want to implement the same lines that are shown here, but I want the user to be able to click on buttons below that will make letters appear above these lines. When the user...
  8. Lukmat

    Android Apps Money - AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING) - 1 WEEK

    Many of you knows but some of you don't. I am Android developer for 2011 and making money for these whole years from Google Play. I never worked anywhere else for anybody. I am just self-made man. I see that many people have questions about Google Play and making money in this industry, so I've...
  9. A

    Want to start reskin !!! Some informations needed !!

    Hello everybody, Well I'm very interested in making money from the internet , so it's at least 4 months that i'm searching a lot about it and reading about making money methods such as CPA , reskin , shopify eCommerce , programming as a freelance . I'm the first year in computer science...