android apk

  1. Infamous Nik

    How to mine apk files to extract data from them?

    Hello, I want to know how do apk miners mine data and leaks from apk files. Is there any software that can do that?
  2. W

    android download

    if I post a free application without advertisement, can I make money with the number of downloads from the google play ?
  3. hardik9099

    FL studio android app cracked APK

    hello all, I am looking for FL studio android app apk cracked. any help, please. **don't know about the category .. mod please move if in wrong section**
  4. haza100

    How does the Twitter app 'remember' user data after clearing cache/data?

    I'm trying to automate Twitter usage across multiple accounts, but handle login via restoring session cookies / user data. Somehow, clearing cache/user data does nothing to log the current user out, and I've been trying to figure out all day where the persisting user data is stored. As you...
  5. M

    Ad networks with automatic SDK integration?

    Hey guys, which Android ad networks with automatic SDK integration are live out there? There were a few some time ago, but they are not performing well and have too many virus detections.
  6. himdave999

    looking forward to hire android developer

    Hi there ! I am looking forward to hiring an Android developer with good experience who can develop push to talk application Pls PM me with all details and how much you will charge for me
  7. iloveubanij

    Earning through an application is still a good idea or not

    Hey guys just want to discuss something about android application and it's earning. I have an idea and it's related youth niche and it will be a boom if that application have facebook app and android app both. I was thinking about to create it by myself because it's not too complex the logic...
  8. D

    Start an Android apps downloading site

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so kindly excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I have been wondering if it is worth starting your own Android apps downloading site like onhax and many other similar websites out there. And since such sites allows you to download apk files, would you face...
  9. MuDiab

    Backlinks for Apk Store

    Anyone have an idea for building back links for Apk store website like apk world and apkpure, and how i can leverage PBN technique to boost my ranking for this kind of websites?
  10. T

    Looking for an Android Developer (Intel XDK)

    I have developed an app... which was previously built for the web in php... Everything is done but there are so many bugs on the user interface (menu, login, notifications etc..) Anybody with previous experience please PM me.
  11. M

    Adsense Doubt again!

    Can I share APK download links on my site? i am not hosting these files. I am just sharing links. Is it against adsense policies? I am in doubt as apk files are only a copy of actual android apps.