1. Z

    How can I grow a telegram channel?

    I have a telegram channel that I want to grow with real people and a specific audience, patriots and trump supporters, what is the best way to do it? I have tried Instagram reels, Twitter, Truth Social, Gettr, Mewe, and Facebook but none of them gave me the results that I want.
  2. mrsmilyy

    tiktok earning and differents country

    hy everyone I live in France and I buy tiktok us account (because $ earned per view with tiktok us is better), my question is : when and earn money in tiktok should i transfer to an EU bank ? After that how and where to pay taxes ? in France ? This is not problem ? can i tranfer this money of...
  3. D3mian

    Does ANYONE provide this SMM service?

    Hi guys, how are you? Just a simple question, does anybody in this forum provide Facebook Page Likes and Instagram Followers? I need them specifically from the following countries: - Argentina - Bolivia - Chile - Paraguay - Uruguay
  4. ayumipie

    The Grim HR 1865. USA and will ripple accross the globe.

    On the 11th April trump signed in the HR 1865. Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 Here is most of the dire situation/fallout in a fairly up to date document. The new law...
  5. H

    looking for US suppliers

    Hi guys most of the US retailers, I know personally, provide products which are made in China, but the customer usually complain about the bad quality, and end up returning them to the seller. I'm looking for the US retailers that provide ORIGINAL GOOD QUALITY products thank you
  6. Elonkok

    Hi BHW, I am Newbie

    Hi all BHW members, Nice to meet you here, i am Charles. This is my first time to be here, what a great day for me today! I am working as Amazon seller, and i can do basic Google SEM and basic SEO, interested in international friends making. Hope we can start a new journey here!!
  7. alterego888

    BREAKING NEWS CNN about to get HIT, and BTW who th 'f'

    It's about to go down this should be interesting CNN is such fake news Also who the f made Google and Facebook the ministry of truth? This is America we don't play that game.
  8. B

    President Donald Trump. What Are Your Thoughts Now That The Crooks Have Been Cleared Out?

    Can't wait for this great America!!!!

    Payper Per Install And CPA For Latin-America?

    i received a lot of traffic from countries like, mexico,argentina,colombia and venezuela and i would like to know some Cpa sites and PayPerInstall sites for LatinAmerica that have the best payments.... i know this payperinstall sites but they dont say how much they pay for latinamerican sites...
  10. B

    I need marketers with experience in LATIN AMERICA!

    I am a music marketer who has a growing fanbase in Latin American countries, and I could use some help moving forward. Anyone with advice or who specializes in campaigns that deal with this region of the world please get get in touch. Thanks.
  11. coachw1

    Anyone on BHW Do Market America?

    Hey fellow BHW members, Just curious to see if anyone out there does Market America? Or even knows what that is. I recently got involved and it seems to have a lot of potential.
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