amazon verified review

  1. amzproreviewer

    Amazon USA Reviewer needed

    Hello! I need Amazon USA reviewer for one of my big on going project. I need around 40+ unverified and 100+ verified reviews for several ASIN's. I will pay $5-$10 let me know if there is any expert.
  2. A

    Looking for Amazon Verified Product Reviews $30

    I am paying $30 per verified Amazon product review. To make this happen, please PM your Amazon buyer username or link to profile. If we agree, I will send you, via Paypal, the cost to buy the product. After you receive it, I will send you the text of the review. Please make screenshot when...
  3. A

    Verified Amazon reviews needed

    I'm looking for people that can do verified amazon reviews. Ideally the reviewer accounts should be from the US.
  4. nnslay

    Looking for Amazon Prime Accounts

    I am looking for Prime Account to post the review written by myself with pics,The only request is the account is totally personal account and healthy. If you are interested PM me
  5. nnslay

    Looking for Amazon prime account to post customized review

    Hi, I am still looking for 1 Amazon Prime account to post review written by myself plus pics. If you are interested please let me know. 1)Prime member on 2)Personal account that not use to review many of items of other seller(send me profile screenshot if it possible) 3)Paypal payment...
  6. nnslay

    Looking for 2 prime accounts to post customized amazon review

    Hi, I am still looking for 2 prime accounts to post my customized reviews plus pictures on 1)Prime account with healthy profile 2)Paypal payment after FBA ships 3)Allowing to keyword search item would be great My offer is 10$ Anyone interested PM me,Thank you