amazon s3

  1. NulledCode

    Use this trick to download files to S3 using JavaScript

    Have you ever wanted to download a file from the internet and upload it to S3? With this module, you can do just that! Use with Amazon S3, Digitalocean Spaces, or any other platform that utilizes S3. I created a simple module that can transfer the contents of a URL to an S3 bucket. The beautify...
  2. rocknrollchef

    What Are Differences with Amazon AWS, S3, EC3 etc.?

    Hello: I am admittedly not-skilled on all this, looking for clarification: I created an Amazon AWS account, and started getting charged quickly - even though the 2-page test site never went live. And then I see some offers for 12 months free with other things (S3, EC3 or whatever). Do I have to...
  3. rocknrollchef

    Someone To Install & Move Podcast Content & Website To Amazon S3

    Hello: The person I've been using is struggling big time so I'm trying BHW. I would like to move our podcast (audio files, RSS feed etc) from Soundcloud to my Amazon S3 account - I believe there is a free WordPress plugin available? The WP template is already installed. I would also like to...
  4. rocknrollchef

    Website Hosting On Amazon S3 vs. Dreamhost

    Hello: I've been using Dreamhost a long time, but looking around at other hosting (too many viruses/hacks and downtimes, email problems etc.). Wondering if anyone here has used Amazon S3 for static (or dynamic) website hosting - emails, audio storage (they don't really allow podcast file...
  5. kn1ves

    [Exploit] Use AWS As A Parasite

    I first found about this method a couple of months back after coming across this. Anybody who has worked with AWS before can figure this method out in 5 minutes. First of all, let's get a glimpse of what you'll be able to achieve once you're done reading this. The URL will be something like...
  6. terrycody

    How One Website Exploited Amazon S3 to Outrank Everyone on Google

    Quick Intro to the World of SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Amazon S3 This is the shortest summary I could think of to help you can understand a little more about this fun discovery. The world of trying to share coupons with you online is one of the single most competitive areas of SEO (search...
  7. Q

    How to get my PDF back

    Hey guys, I purchased a website from a seller years ago and have all the files in my hosting but realized it's missing the PDF eBook. It looks like the PDF was on Amazon S3. Does anyone know how I would get that PDF back if it was on the old sellers account and the seller doesn't even exist...
  8. E

    Amazon S3 Ripper?

    Hi, I have a few thousand URLs to amazon S3 images that I was able to scrape from another website. I would like to bulk download these. Do you know any program that currently exists to allow this? I already have the URL's I need, I just want the images. Thanks,
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