amazon mechanical turk

  1. M

    Mturk Registration SSN

    Hello, I was approved for Amazon Mechanical Turk and was going to sign up for Amazon payments. But the registration requires SSN which I don't have as I'm not a US citizen. Is there a way around this or I can just use some random numbers?
  2. youtalk

    Amazon Mechanical Turk For Search Engines

    Does anyone know if you can use Amazon Mechanical Turk For Search Engine results? Here's what I was thinking: - Provide a search term or keyword. - User searches that term or keyword on Google. - Have the user find specific domains that are offered in the search results. - Once they find...
  3. D

    More easy money - arbitration with Amazon Mechanical Turk

    After reading the incredibly useful post for making $80 a day earlier today, an idea popped into my head - so I decided to try it with an aff account I already have and it works a treat!! It's both cheaper and easier - take a look and see what you think: 1. Get your affiliate network account...
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