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  3. ofuture

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  5. Codliver

    Avoid All in One SEO Plugin - The Website and SEO Destroyer

    I will start by saying I'm not too big a fan of Yoast and their aggressive advertisements and apparently dodgy paid SEO services, but at least their plugin doesn't destroy your website's rankings. And when they do have an issue, such as they did a couple years back with media attachments, it was...
  6. G

    Noindexed pages but indexed

    When I launched my site, I have forgotten to noindex image pages, so Google indexed them. More than one month ago I noindexed them via the AIOSEO plugin. In the HTML code the noindex tag is present, but on GSC it is still indexed. Now I'm trying to remove them directly from GSC, in your opinion...
  7. LilMosey

    What SEO plugin do you use? (Wordpress)

    So, what do you guys use for your site? I personally use Yoast (Free) and All-in-One SEO (Free) for some of my sites.. Are there any other SEO Plugins which does the same job as them?
  8. bluematter


  9. IProvideSEO

    SoCal Digital Marketing's All In One SEO Services - 50% Off Exclusive Offer For BHW!

  10. S

    SpeedySEO - Revolutionary Speed Ranking Packages BHW Discounts Available

    Review Copies Available 5 Copies = 75% OFF for only Jr.VIP members for life discount. 10 Copies with 50% OFF for any member lifetime discount. For sample, discount or pre-sales question post here.
  11. M

    Canonicalization Issue Using WP - Tags and Categories Being Assigned Canonical Status

    Hi, Hopefully this is an appropriate enough spot for this question/issue. I recently moved some content from a Penguin penalized site - which had gone from pulling in $15-18k/month down to $2-5k/month - to a different domain in an attempt/test to see if I could at least partly regain my...
  12. bulldogzg

    IMMORTAL SEO manual, white hat, powerful SEO that NEVER dies! Survive Google's changes

  13. LX911

    HeatMapTheme vs All-in-one-SEO

    I am in a serious dilemma of choosing between the two! In the lastest HeatMap Theme Pro v5 you have the facility to add your description, keywords just like the way you can do it in all-in-one-seo. If you go with both then your site will have 2 keyword meta tags + 2 description meta tags. But...
  14. ytterium

    Help with SEO!!!

    Hi Everyone, My blog has all the fields filled out in all-in-one SEO plugin and the details do appear in google i.e. keyword in title and description. However, I just checked the url in Market Samurai SEO and it indicates that there is no keyword in the title and description tags. Can you...
  15. S

    All In One SEO - Auto Complete Plugin

    Is there such a tool or plugin available that will automatically fill in the title, description (possible scrape the first 2/3 lines of each post) & keywords fields from already existent posts? I thinking from an autoblog perspective that you could have such a plugin or tool complete this...
  16. D

    Is it important to set keywords?

    Hi BHW, The first time I learnt about SEO was from the Wordpress Plugin "all in one seo". It lets you set the: Home Title, Home Description, and Home Keywords. I have a few questions: 1. If I don't set the keywords, will it happen automatically? Will I be missing out in any way in terms...
  17. C

    Can I use more than 1 SEO plugin for a wordpress site?

    I have All in one SEO Pack,Platinum SEO&WP SEO Pro plugin all installed. I am confused as to whether I should be using all these same purpose SEO plugin in my 1 site. Or should I just use 1 among these plugins and not try to risk myself. I recenly had my All in SEO plugin not work for some...
  18. C

    When I view page source my keywords is not displayed.Why?

    In my site I'm using All in one SEO plugin and I added all the details of description and keywords there,but however when I try to view page source of my site(I am using wordpress), I cannot see the description and keywords which I typed. I am only seeing randomly selected keywords from the...
  19. J

    Migrate All In SEO Pack Fields Into Thesis In A Few Minutes

    Thesis theme pretty much has all the capabilities of All in One Seo now. So if you wanna ditch All in One, and start using just the Thesis Theme seo features it only takes a few minutes. This is for users using All in One pre version 1.6...
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