1. boaob2011

    Lesson learned alexhost not fully dmca ignored

    Ok, sorry for my bad english not my native language. I have an adult page (tubesite) hosted in alexhost, a tubesite where users can upload and share their videos files in our server. Yesterday, our website suddenly got suspended without a single notification in our webpage or from Alexhost. This...
  2. A

    AlexHost is not fully DMCA ignored

    I've been using AlexHost for 3 months now. It's been good until today when they suspended my VPS because of a DMCA complaint. They're supposed to be DMCA ignored as written here : They shutdown my VPS without any warnings after a basic DMCA complaint apparently coming...
  3. B

    Njalla domain being blocked?

    Hi guys n gals. New here. Well I was a member a decade ago but just recently re-joined. Anyway, I've recently registered a .com through Njalla and I'm using Alexhost to server the thing. Here's the issue, I'm in Canada and the only browser I can get the domain to show up on is Epic, which has a...
  4. S

    troubles with Alexhost

    Hello, i've been having issue with my dedicated server that is hosted at alexhost it's been crashing non stop since last friday i checked every logs checked the load average of the server and i've been monitoring all day to see if something might be causing this on my part but at the moment of...
  5. Luci2018

    Alexhost Down Today

    Uff... Again as usual alexhost is down today. 18/04/2021. @AlexHost please fix soon.
  6. Luci2018

    AlexHost Down

    I have vps on alexhost. Alexhost is down now.
  7. alexhost1

    AlexHost | Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting Moldova | VPS & Dedicated Servers

    You want to run an Internet project, but still don't know where to start? First of all, you need to think about choosing the server where it will be located. Need some help with that? Contact AlexHost directly, right now. We’ve been operating on the market since 2011, and during this time we’ve...
  8. M

    Connecting to database with host:

    Hey I bought hosting from AlexHost but I can't seem to connect to the database that I imported from my localhost. I added a user and granted it all privileges but I still can't seem to connect to it. Do you mind helping me out? Thanks databaseName = "MY_DATABASE_NAME"; databaseIP =...
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