1. Nelcliff

    Kindly Help Dear BHW MEMBERS

    Admin, Pls kindly help me to move if this is not the right category for my post. Thanks.... Fellow BHW members pls I need help with means of how I can get a verify alertpay so i could be using it to pay for goods and services to my supplies in China.. All advice, suggestions and contributions...
  2. T

    CPA content locker network that accepts Alertpay

    Hi, Is there by any chance a CPA content locker network that accepts Payza (Alertpay) as payment method? And allows fake key generators and stuff? Thanks in advance,
  3. N

    alertpay accounts?

    anyone able to build alertpay accounts to order?
  4. T

    GIGBUCKS NOT PAYING MY $500+ , Requested withdrawal 15 days ago - Admin didn't reply

    I have more then $500 on GIGBUCKS account . As I have worked hard to earn that $$ :02:. But suddenly I heard that GIGBUCKS is not paying by PAYPAL , so I asked the admin . The admin told me to create a account on Alertpay, so I did . Then I requested my $$ withdrawal SEP 7 , 15 day passed...
  5. arsaltheman

    [Exchange] Somebody send me $31 on Alertpay and I will send you $31 to your PAYPAL[urgent]

    Don't know whether it is the right section to post this.. BUT, I need money in my alertpay urgently[$31] I will send $31 to your PAYPAL in return. Please if anybody want to exchange reply me or PM me... I don't want scam..Just LEGIT ones!!
  6. B

    Any affiliate program that pay moneybookers,alertpay or webmoney weekly?

    Any affiliate program that pay moneybookers,alertpay or webmoney weekly?
  7. gonzomcribbinz

    This guy wants to use AlertPay for his own he crazy?

    I've looked into other payment processors and searched the forums but I'm not finding the answers I need: Cliff notes: * Need reliable payment processor * Has to allow a 7 day trial of $4.95 and then monthly rate of $xx for fixed period. * Fairly fast approval process (less than 7...
  8. W

    Hi friends, I'm good in following things

    Hi, I'm reading BHW from so many months but never registered an account here. Its a wonderful forum and worth a million dollars. You may call me webluv I have made lot of transactions on PayPal and AlertPay and I know a lot about their rules and other things. If you have any issues and...
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