1. Johnik

    What groups or sites are worth paying to promote crypto project with Airdrop?

    Hi guys, I want to promote a cryptocurrency project with an airdrop to get a social following, and I'd like to hear your experience of which groups or sites are worth paying for promotion. I'd be really thankful for your recommendations.
  2. cosmo89

    A Surprise Gift from ENS!

    All i had to do register a ".ETH" domain in ENS few months and it cost me $60. Today, i received ENS airdrop worth of $16k. Never expected this huge reward from ENS team. Totally Speechless and now i am debt free! lol!
  3. W

    New Coinbase Earn-like site which lets you earn $20 in few minutes (no KYC) - Earnathon!

    It launched like this month. They intend to be a platform which educates people about various cryptocurrencies and lets you easily earn them by watching videos and answering simple questions. Sounds familar? lol. How to get $20? It shouldn't be longer than few mins. 1. Register. My ref link...
  4. 4

    How to setup or create a Auto airdrop site?

    Does anyone knows how to create or setup a site that auto posts crypto airdrops and/ or crypto bounties? When I search on Google all I get is how to create your own aridrop and/ or bounty. But that is not what I'm looking for. There are plenty of WP plugins of creating "auto" sites like...
  5. aggin

    Coinsbit 2000 CNB For a Sign UP - 5 days left

    The largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe - Coinsbit. is launching its own token. Token Distribution: - 1. AirDrop for registered users: 500,000,000 CNB. (already finished) - 2. Referral system with bonuses in CNB Coin: 1,000,000,000 CNB. (Ending on 25 December) 5 days left till the...
  6. Johnik

    AirDrop without tokens sent to your wallet???

    Hi Guys, i need your honest opinion. What do you think about Token Airdrops that do NOT send tokens to your wallet?
  7. Empir3

    Is Airdrop worth Doing?

    Free ways to earn Crypto Currency (ALT COIN and TOKEN) is to do Airdrop. There are so many ICOs and new token distribution for free. I did about 45 Airdrop but got only 2 of then in ETH wallet. I used IM token wallet while sign up. Is it worth doing now a days? If I found positive answer...
  8. docmed

    Pay per click

    I found many sites ppc Paying bitcoin But it s vert little amount Kike5 satoshis per view What s thé best
  9. docmed


    Why all cryptos are down !??
  10. docmed


    Hey IS the an Android application to receive airdrop? Please help
  11. ShehuAB

    Waves airdrop? Who has joined this?

    Waves airdrop coming on the third. Have you join it?