air jordan

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    Air jordan, Nike air max any kind of best quality sneakers

    I can get you any Air Jordan or Nike models sneakers, best quality, best prices. Have warehouse in USA, Europe. Give me message for more details.
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    Drop Shipping and Ebay Selling Authentic Nike and Jordans

    Just got promoted to Assistant Manager at my Finishline store here in Wisconsin. For those that don't know, Finishline is one of the biggest sneaker stores in the United States. I can get Nikes and Jordans on employee discount and before release date sometimes. If you have selling experience and...
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    Original Air Jordans and other brands at huge discount

    Hi all, Alright so long story short, i can arrange air jordans and other brands at a very low price. My friend have a pawn shop and he sell these, discount will be like 25%-30% and minimum order should be 5 pairs. Payment: only skrill Escrow: Most welcome Quality: 100% original Shipping...
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    Looking for authentic air jordan hookup

    Looking for a wholeseller who can hook me up with authentic air jordans at the cheapest rate, no replicas.