1. N

    am new to this

    hello BHW community i have just now joined to this fourm i want to be grow as a best in hacking i was very much intrested in hacking am just 18 old. I was fully perfect with the C language. plz help me to become best under your guidence
  2. webmd

    new registration of aim is error

    any one know why ? message i get is "network error please try again later" install file version file size 6,653,096
  3. T

    How to stop AIM spam from my own screen name

    I don't post much (at all), just browse once in awhile but i figured you blackhatters could help me out. I don't use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) but they have a feature where you forward IMs to your cell phone (I'm sure most know this). Well anyways, I received a text from my friend's screen...
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