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  1. D

    Can GPT-J 6B be made to work as fast as GPT Neo 125M? i.e. can you adjust the output quality?

    I’m assuming GPT Neo 125M works significantly faster, but with poorer output. Can GTP-J 6B be told to work just like 125M if you want? Can you pass an option to have it function like the smaller parameter model? Or in other words, other than hard drive space, is there any reason to install...
  2. Bloodseeker

    I compared,, and | PS: Rytr SUCKS!

    After wasting a couple of days researching which AI writer works the best, I bought Rytr from an LTD reseller. Many claims that Rytr is the next best alternative to Jasper/Jarvis AI. I tried it and got extremely disappointed. Then I bought WordHero, which is better than Rytr and comes with no...
  3. NulledCode

    Pragno AI | ✅ AI Writing Services | ✅ SEO-Focused | ✅ Quality Content | ✅Full Length Articles

    Want FREE Credit towards your next order? Post your order number below and we will credit your account for free articles. Order Turnaround Time? Please allow 24-48 business hours to complete your order, with larger quantity orders expected to take longer. What’s the average length of an...
  4. digi robot

    [HELP] How To Use Open Ai API For Content Creation

    I want to use Open Ai API to create long form content to publish on my blogs. Im not tech savvy. So how can I setup this thing? Simple Python codes are ok. Pls share any good tutorials/ youtube videos you know. Thanks
  5. indianmojojojo

    GPT-3 Based Auto Blogging Service | FRESH OPTIMIZED CONTENT FROM WRITING TO PUBLISHING | At a Special Price | 1.10 USD Per Article

    Success Success Success FRESH OPTIMIZED CONTENT FROM WRITING TO PUBLISHING 50 Articles - 65 USD (1.30 USD per article) (You can spread these articles over 10 months if required one domain only) PREMIUM ADD-ON is complimentary for all BHW customers 100 Articles - 120 USD (1.20 USD per...
  6. B

    Forbes - A Wave Of Billion-Dollar Language AI Startups

    Be it Google, Microsoft, or others - companies small or big are spending billions of dollars on AI-related things. Read --> Forbes - Billion-Dollar Language AI Startups I say -- NOW -- is the time to scale and bank hard with AI content. How the f*** does it matter, if they are just confused...
  7. PHPInjected

    PHPInjected Presents - Ranking 3 websites with Sensit AI content & ONLY BHW resources

    The purpose of this thread: I've seen a lot of either new members or curious members who post threads regarding whether or not AI content can rank. Threads like this thread, this thread, & this thread ask the question of whether it can be done or whether Google can detect it. There is also...
  8. ranga

    AI Content Writer

    I am looking for 1-3 AI content writers. Should have worked on Jarvis / Jasper and / or ClosersCopy. I will pay on per word basis. I am looking to outsource my current team of AI writers, so expect decent quantity if you are good. You should be able to work on strict deadlines. Don't apply if...
  9. chrkrose

    Jasper (former Jarvis AI) payment problem

    I’ve been having problems trying to subscribe to Jasper (former Jarvis) AI because my credit card kept being refused and I couldn’t understand why (as I know it wasn’t a problem with my credit card or bank account) Today I got in touch with people behind Jasper AI and they have informed me that...
  10. Great-X

    Do anyone use Open AI detector tools?

    I have just started a new blog and I wanted to use AI to write blog posts, I am using GPT-3, I believe here many people are using AI to write articles article. I found this tool This tool can detect AI-generated content so I have tested some paragraphs of...
  11. Yupwork

    Jarvi AI Alternative Writesonic AI

    I Used Jarvi ai and it's awesome tool for generating blog but It's too expensive and to get 50k word I should pay 50$ instead Writesonic they offer Unlimited Credits for 45$ per month but I had never use Writesonic. Who of you guys used Writesonic ? and please share your experience ?
  12. Floccer

    AI generated content blog with affiliate offer

    Hellou everyone! I was fascinated on creating automated blog after reading many journeys here and thinking of many possibilities who i could make one. And to get this started is cheap. Few euros for domain for a year. Currently i do not have domain but i founded good affiliate program that has...
  13. Niffo

    Don't buy ClosersCopy - Servers keep going down for hours

    Bought ClosersCopy a couple of weeks ago, but in this time I noticed a trends: - There is allot of downtime and slowdown on the tool making it unusable for hours before it stats working again - When u post about downtime or slow loading on the official facebook group ur posts is removed or ur...
  14. Cognitive

    [Beta-Testers] Automated Full Articles Writen by AI | Between 750 & 1750 words |

    We need your feed-back on our latest project: we managed to create an AI module that will generate full articles/ blog posts. Most of the times these articles don't need need further editing (although it will be possible to edit them in one of the modules which are already available in our app)...
  15. xindex2

    [Method] make money with AI writer tools -$$$

    Earning money from blogging / Content is not an easy task but if you know the right ways then you can easily earn good money. If you are a newbie then don’t worry because there are a lot of people who are making good money by blogging / creating content. You just need to do the work. And The...
  16. Cognitive

    [Beta Testers] AI Writer - GPT-3 Based - Relevant Content

    Hello BHW, We built a tool that aims to generate long-form relevant and well researched content for blog posts and articles writers. The tool is based and uses various GPT-3 models, just like many other tools on the market right now. However, what makes our tool stand out from the crowd is its...
  17. AlbertoMR3

    [HOW TO | JORNEY] From Domain Selection To Sell Your Website For Up To 15X its Affiliate | Ads Revenue !

    Quick background: I’ve been online professionally since 1994, and have had websites even before Google exits. So basically I have been doing SEO since to repeat 1000 times a keyword on white font, over a white background was enough to rank first ;) until today where I'm on the SEO by AI SaaS...
  18. C

    Does article created by AI article writer ranks?

    Hello, I am not talking about any article spinner or translator for writing fresh articles. What I am trying to find out is article created by so called Artificial Intelligence Article Writer worth of paying on it? I am posting some sites names like writesonic,, copysmith and...
  19. nazmulfeni4

    ✨AI Content Generation Service With Proofreading ❇️ $2 Per 1K Word ✅ Limited Time [50% Discount]

    AI Content Generation With AI Tools ❇️ $2 Per 1K Word ✅ Limited Time [50% Discount] For Sample Please Reply in This Thread For Sample Please Reply in This Thread Contact Us: Email: [email protected] Skype: live:theseoadviser Website:
  20. dank_chocolate

    [Need Help] Using AI to generate content

    I have been testing AI lately. Started a auto posting blog in may 2021. It was an instant sucess with one day getting as much as 75,000 hits. The spam update ruined it all. Now I am getting only 200-300 hits/day. I have rectified half of the problem, my new posts are not getting indexed...